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Posted March 22, 2012 in Beauty Tips, Home

Get Gabrielle Union’s Super-Toned Arms

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Achieving super-svelte arms may seem more difficult with age, but there are many approaches to getting toned, sexy arms like actress Gabrielle Union, who turns 40 this year. Your approach should include smart eating with minimal sugar, regular workouts and maybe a little extra help to target those stubborn areas. Here are some tried-and-true…and brand new…strategies to get you ready to bare your arms.

Conquer cellulite: The third generation TriPollar radio-frequency technology in the Apollo System works by heating the skin on the arms (or other cellulite-ridden areas like hips, thighs or tummy) and is believed to promote collagen growth, reduce the appearance of cellulite and even tighten the skin after about six 30-minute treatments.

Burn fat, tone muscles: A pairing of cardiovascular exercise and weight training will definitely yield quick results for your arms, which don’t carry as much fat as other parts of your body. Every week, strive for at least five cardio workouts, 30 minutes each (walking, jogging, elliptical, cardio class or swimming). Add two days a week of strength training that targets your biceps, triceps and all areas of your shoulders: front, back and sides. A trainer at the gym can show you the basics. Toning your shoulders will help your waist look smaller and your posture look taller.

Smooth your skin: We often forget to exfoliate and moisturize our arms, especially when they’re hidden away all winter. Try a pair of products like Minus -417’s Aromatic Body Peeling and Butter, ($38 each) for a heavenly-scented treat that also gets your arms tank-top ready.

Tackle sagging skin: While exercise and liposuction can help to remove excess fat in your arms, neither will address sagging skin. If you’ve lost a great deal of weight or have significantly lower levels of collagen production, you might consider brachioplasty, an arm lift. You’ll have a scar along the inner part of the upper arm, but your excess skin will be surgically removed for good. Sometimes an arm lift will be paired with liposuction and cellulite reduction/skin tightening treatments, as well, for dramatic results.

Posted Wednesday, February 22, 2012 by Shellie Terry Benson, Editor of New Beauty