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What to Look for When Choosing an Aesthetic Medical Spa in Miami, FL


3 Minute Read: If you live in the Miami area, you know there is an abundance of non-surgical cosmetic treatments available at a number of beauty spas. However, not all of these providers are created equal, and you’ll want to do some research on the facilities and the associated doctors.  To help you determine which […]

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Exude Confidence With Chin Implant Surgery


The chin is an area of the face that people often neglect to think of when considering cosmetic enhancement. A chin implant can redefine the facial structure of a patient by adding balance and symmetry to their appearance. Having a well-defined chin is a great way to express inner confidence and strength. Benefits of Chin […]

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Are Silicone Implants Safe? (Surgical Video Explains)

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There is a misconception that silicone implants aren’t safe. The truth is, silicone implants were FDA approved in 2006 after extensive studies were conducted about their safety. Dr. Hochstein provides an insider’s look during a breast augmentation surgery explaining that once an implant loses its blood supply, it changes to a dingy, yellow color. As […]

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Latisse Special!

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SPRING INTO BEAUTIFUL LASHES!    BUY TWO 5ML KITS OF LATISSE FOR $299 UNTIL MAY 30TH, 2014!    CALL 305-931-3338 to place your order today! 

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Mommy Makeover Procedure

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Mommy Makeover Procedure The two most popular areas of the body for post-pregnancy plastic surgery are the breasts and the belly. The reason why is because the breasts and abdomen both change drastically during pregnancy. Breasts enlarge during pregnancy due to lactation, which stretches the skin—and if you aren’t blessed with very elastic skin, that skin doesn’t […]

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