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Thigh Lift in Miami, FL

Weight loss or aging can leave you with excess skin around your thighs. Often known as “saddlebags,” unwanted thigh skin can prevent you from having the beautiful leg shape you envision. If you are looking to improve the shape of your legs, a thigh lift can provide the contouring you’ve been looking for. A thigh lift with Dr. Hochstein in Miami can:

Reduce excess thigh skin Create a slimmer leg Reduce irritation and chafing
Eliminate excess fat Enhance the thigh gap

Before & After Photos (Click and Drag to see Results)

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Thigh Lift FAQ

  • Q: Who is a good thigh lift candidate?

    A: Any man or woman who is in good health and who has excess skin along their thighs may be a good candidate. You should have realistic expectations about your results. Patients who have lost a significant amount of weight should be close to their ideal weight and have maintained their weight loss for about six months to a year.

  • Q: Can I drive myself to and from my surgery?

    A: No. Patients placed under general anesthesia must have a licensed adult drive them home.

  • Q: Will insurance pay for my thigh lift?

    A: Insurance does not cover cosmetic procedures. Financing options are available.

  • Q: How long will my results last?

    A: Your results can be long-lasting if you maintain a stable body weight. Any weight fluctuations after your thigh lift surgery may alter their improved appearance.

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