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6 Lifestyle Changes to Make Before a Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation, Preparing for Plastic Surgery

3 Minute Read: When preparing for a breast augmentation surgery, you can take specific steps to ensure your procedure goes smoothly and produces ideal results.  Some of these steps are simple, while others require a bit more planning and effort, yet all can help make a breast surgery easier. 1. Stop Smoking Two Weeks Before […]

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Does Microneedling Work as an Anti-Aging Treatment?

Medspa, Microneedling

3 Minute Read: Whether you have already started to notice the first signs of wrinkles and hyperpigmented age spots or are working hard to stave off the signs of aging, microneedling treatments may benefit your complexion and skin health.  Microneedling is a non-surgical procedure that: Promotes collagen production for healthier, thicker, and stronger skin Tightens […]

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Want to Look Like a Model? Learn Which Plastic Surgery Techniques Can Help

Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic Surgery Trends

4 Minute Read: For decades, women have been looking at models and actresses’ physiques, comparing their own bodies to what they see on screen. While it may not be healthy to dwell on this comparison, it can give you some inspiration for your own (realistic) body goals. Many women turn to plastic surgery to achieve […]

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6 Advantages of a Virtual Consultation for Your Plastic Surgery

Preparing for Plastic Surgery, Virtual Consultation

2 Minute Read: Thanks to advances in video conferencing solutions, virtual consultations have become more popular with doctors and plastic surgeons in recent years. If you are considering a virtual consultation, keep reading for a complete list of all the advantages. What Is a Virtual Consultation? First, we should define what a virtual consultation is. […]

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Can Chemical Peels Get You Ready for Spring?

Chemical Peels

2 Minute Read: As you prepare for warmer weather, you may want to consider getting a pre-summer ‘glow-up’ to revive your skin’s natural health and beauty.  The cold temperatures of winter can be harsh on your skin, causing skin dryness and dullness. During winter, there is less moisture in the air, and this saps the […]

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Skin Spring Cleaning: What Are the Best Non-Surgical Treatments for You This Spring?

Hochstein Medspa, Skin Health

2 Minute Read: As winter fades and spring comes around, many people start doing spring cleaning. It’s nice to restore your home as you look forward to the seasonal change, but there is no reason to limit it to just your house.  Your skin also needs some pampering after the gloomy, cold winter weather, and […]

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