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What Is a Liquid Facelift, and How Does It Work?

Posted July 13, 2020 in Facial Symmetry, Injectables

3 Minute Read:  One of the most noticeable signs of aging is wrinkles and loss of volume in the face. There are several surgical and non-surgical treatments available to address these issues. The Hochstein Medspa offers a series of injectable treatments to help reduce the appearance of aging. Dr. Hochstein also offers surgical solutions to […]

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3 Reasons You May Need a Breast Revision

Posted July 07, 2020 in Breast Revision

2 Minute Read:  Even after some women have undergone a breast augmentation, their results are still not what they had anticipated and wanted. This is most often because the implant they chose wasn’t as large as the implant they wanted. It can be difficult to determine and understand how the actual implants will look and […]

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5 Easy Habits for Healthier Skin

Posted June 30, 2020 in Skincare Tips

3 Min Read:  Healthy skin can make a big statement about someone’s overall health. Our skin is the largest organ in our body; however, we don’t always show it the love and attention it deserves. Taking better care of your skin doesn’t have to be a huge commitment. Instead, try out some of these simple […]

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Do I Need My Breast Implants Removed?

Posted June 26, 2020 in Breast Implant Removal

3 Minute Read:  More women choose to undergo a breast augmentation than any other type of plastic surgery procedure in the United States. While there are no signs of this popularity slowing down, some women do change their minds after the procedure. There are many reasons why women would question their implants. Luckily, there are […]

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5 Treatments to Improve Your Skin

Posted June 23, 2020 in PRP Microneedling

3 Min Read:  Are you unhappy with the way your skin looks? You are not alone. According to the latest ASPS statistics, there was an increase in both surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic enhancements in 2018. As knowledge about cosmetic facial treatments continues to grow, this surge will likely continue as well. Here are five […]

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5 Tips for Returning to Exercise After a Plastic Surgery

Posted June 01, 2020 in Post-Surgical Exercise

2 Min Read: Individuals often feel great after a body contouring procedure, such as a tummy tuck or a Mommy Makeover. The idea of how great your body is going to look can make you feel energized. You may want to cling onto the momentum by starting an intense exercise routine. Unfortunately, this isn’t the safest […]

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When Should I Consider a Breast Revision?

Posted May 29, 2020 in Breast Revision

2 Min Read: A breast augmentation is a very popular procedure that leaves most patients happy with their results. A breast augmentation is also very customizable, which means that there are quite a few decisions to make, such as which implant characteristics you would like and where you would like your implants to be inserted […]

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What Are the Benefits of an Eyelid Surgery?

Posted May 08, 2020 in Eyelid Surgery

2 Minute Read:  Your eyes can tell the world a lot about you. Your eyes give others an idea of what you’re thinking and feeling as well as give hints about your age.  As you age, the tissue around the eyes begins to lose its firmness and tightness, which can have negative effects on facial […]

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