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Posted December 29, 2023 in Chemical Peels

How Do Chemical Peels Treat Acne & Acne Scars? 

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A woman before and after a chemical peel treatment.

It’s bad enough that so many of us suffer through acne during our youth, but many individuals continue to struggle with acne or acne scarring as adults – a double whammy! 

While experiencing acne breakouts in our teenage years helps increase resilience, there’s no denying it creates uncomfortable challenges.  

This comprehensive blog will look into treatments that claim to improve both active acne and scarring and focus on whether chemical peels are the best solution for you.

Do Home Acne Treatments Work? 

Numerous teens and adults suffer from acne to varying degrees, but we can all agree that having any number of blemishes can make us feel insecure or uncertain.

While some over-the-counter (OTC) products and prescribed medications may help reduce active acne, they can deliver unsatisfactory results or come with unwanted side effects.

OTC topical medicines can provide an adequate solution for mild cases of acne during adolescence and early adulthood. However, individuals with scarring or persistent adult outbreaks may want to consider a more comprehensive treatment.

Advanced Treatments That Can Be Used to Treat Active Acne or Acne Scarring

The following options claim to address acne, the scars it causes, or both:

Of these treatments, only chemical peels treat both active acne and scarring.

Do Chemical Peels Clear Skin? 

Luckily, there is an effective treatment for anyone suffering from acne or acne scars. Some advantages of chemical face peels for acne and scarring include:

  • Unclogs Pores
  • Stops Active Breakouts in Their Tracks
  • Eliminates or Reduces the Appearance of Acne Scars. 

Chemical face peels might just be the answer you’ve been looking for but with the availability of so many different peels, which one is most likely to help you achieve your skin goals? 

Light Chemical Peels

Light chemical peels are a treatment that removes the top layer of the skin (epidermis). Light chemical peels contain chemicals such as alpha-hydroxy acids and beta-hydroxy acids.

These mild chemicals can be used every day until you achieve your desired results. The chemicals are brushed onto the face and rinsed off with water a few minutes later. 

What Does a Light Chemical Peel Treat?

  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Dryness
  • Acne
  • Fine wrinkles

Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA)

Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is a medium-to-deep peeling treatment effective for patients with surface wrinkles, pigmentation problems, active acne, and deep acne scars. 

TCA for Active Acne

When treating acne and minor scarring, the TCA concentration is low, from 10% to 50%, and can treat the face, chest, back, arms, or buttocks.

TCA Cross for Acne Scars

When treating acne scars, TCA Cross uses a higher concentration (50 to 100%) of trichloroacetic acid to chemically reconstruct acne scarring. There is some discomfort associated with this more intensive chemical peel, so local anesthesia is applied to numb the face, and intravenous sedation is often provided.

What Else Does a Deep Chemical Peel Treat? 

Besides treating acne and acne scars, medium and deep peels can treat:

  • Deep wrinkles
  • Sun damage
  • Scars 
  • Blotchy skin
  • Pre-cancerous growths 

Can Chemical Face Peels Treat Cystic Acne?

Cystic acne is an extensive breakout that causes redness deep underneath your skin. Cystic acne can linger for years on the skin and occurs when a pore gets clogged with dead skin cells and bacteria that enter the pore, causing the area to become inflamed. 

A chemical face peel is an effective treatment for cystic acne, as this rejuvenating skin treatment can thoroughly unclog and clean out pores. 

What Happens After a Chemical Peel?

Skin peeling should last one to two weeks after a TCA peel and less with a light peel, but this depends on the concentrations used for your specific treatment. 

Keeping your skin moist around the clock during this time is vital, and most skin care professionals suggest using Vaseline or A&D Ointment. 

Avoid substituting moisturizers for the products your skin care provider recommends! 

Will I Breakout After Chemical Peel?

After each treatment, you may experience a short breakout during the peeling phase as residual oils and toxins are purged from deep within your skin. 

How Many Chemical Peels Will I Need?

Whether you require deeper treatment for acne scarring or a more gentle approach for live acne, the number of peels you need to achieve your skin goals can vary from three to six sessions spaced three to four weeks apart.

What Results Can Do Chemical Peels Provide?

Ten to fourteen days after your last session, you can expect noticeable improvements in your skin, which typically include the elimination or reduction of acne, acne scarring, wrinkles, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation, as well as unclogged, smaller pores and a radiant glow.

Affordable Treatment for Acne and Acne Scarring in Miami, FL

Chemical peels are an affordable way to address your acne and scarring concerns. Hochsteing MedSpa provides safe and effective chemical peel treatments in Miami, Florida, and welcomes you to call (786) 802-6699 to schedule a consultation.