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Breast Lift

Pregnancy, weight loss, and the natural aging process can all result in sagging, deflated breasts. Ptosis of the breasts is caused by weakened breast tissue that has succumbed to gravity. Women with a drooping breast appearance often feel that their bustline is making them look older than they are. A breast lift surgery helps restore firm and youthful breasts and provides the following benefits:

Reverses breast sagging Better nipple projection Improves areola size
Custom-shaped breasts More attractive breasts Relief from irritation caused by low-hanging breasts

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Breast Lift FAQs

  • Q: Who is an ideal candidate for a breast lift procedure?

    A: Ideal breast lift candidates are healthy and have realistic expectations about their results. Patients seeking a breast lift are bothered by sagging breasts that may be elongated or pendulous. Candidates may have lost breast shape or volume and are looking to restore their breast appearance.

  • Q: How do I determine which breast lift technique I need?

    A: The best technique to utilize during your surgery will be determined during your consultation. Dr. Hochstein will evaluate the severity of your ptosis to determine which type of lift is necessary. All of Dr. Hochstein’s recommendations are designed to provide you with the most natural and youthful results possible.

  • Q: How soon after pregnancy can I undergo a breast lift?

    A: It is suggested that women wait to undergo a breast lift procedure until they have finished having children. Patients can undergo a breast lift surgery six months to a year following pregnancy.

  • Q: What complications are associated with a breast lift surgery?

    A: While rare, a breast lift surgery does pose some potential risks. The most common include bleeding and infection. Some patients may experience skin discoloration, permanent pigment changes, nerve damage, and breast asymmetry. Carefully following your postoperative instructions will help minimize your risk of complications.

  • Q: How long will my results last?

    A: A breast lift surgery is designed to provide a long-term improvement in your breast appearance. Many patients achieve results that last them for years, and they gain confidence that lasts much longer. However, while your results are long lasting, your breasts are still subject to change through the natural aging process and possible weight fluctuations.

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