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Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting With truSculpt® iD in Miami, FL

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Are you struggling with unwanted pockets of fat that don’t seem to budge, no matter what you do?

You may want to give truSculpt® iD a try.

This revolutionary non-invasive cosmetic procedure targets and destroys stubborn body fat using radiofrequency waves to reduce a patient’s fat by up to 24 percent. In addition to targeting fat cells, the procedure also diminishes the appearance of cellulite, resulting in smoother, firmer, and more defined body contouring results.


Am I a Candidate for truSculpt® iD?

Body sculpting with truSculpt® iD is an ideal treatment for individuals who are close to their goal weight but have difficulty removing stubborn fat in some areas.

This treatment may be for you if you want to lose excess fat in some areas — particularly the abdominal area, thighs, butts, and hips. Patients with huge amounts of fat to be removed or excess skin may need to consider a more invasive plastic surgery procedure like liposuction or a tummy tuck, which also helps to sculpt the body.

An initial consultation with the experts at the Hochstein Medspa can help determine if you’re a suitable candidate for the treatment.

Candidates should be in good health and have realistic expectations of the procedure’s outcome. Important to note is that truSculpt® isn’t designed for weight loss but rather helps reduce stubborn pockets of fat.

How Is the truSculpt® iD Procedure Performed?

During the procedure, your provider glides the FDA-cleared truSculpt® applicator across the targeted area’s surface.

The treatment delivers monopolar radiofrequency waves to permanently destroy areas of undesired body fat cells, which are then naturally removed from the body. The heat from the RF energy also causes the skin to contract, promoting the appearance of healthy, younger-looking skin.

The biggest draw to truSculpt® iD is that it can be customized for areas (small or large) that you have trouble reducing after pregnancy or weight loss.

There is virtually no pain or discomfort during treatment. Many patients report a warm sensation similar to a hot stone massage during the treatment session, which takes no longer than 15 minutes.

However, time can vary depending on the extent of the treatment area and desired results.

What Is Body Sculpting With truSculpt® iD Recovery Like?

Since the treatment is non-invasive, there is absolutely no recuperation time after treatment. You can immediately resume normal activities, making it favorable for anyone with a demanding schedule.

Patients may experience slight discomfort in the treated area, including tenderness, redness, or mild swelling, but this is only temporary and should diminish quickly.

What Results Can I Expect From truSculpt® iD?

For most people, the desired results can be achieved in one to two sessions. You will lose inches of fat from your waistline and other problem areas between six and 12 weeks after the first treatment session.

While the results may not be instant, you will notice a gradual improvement over time. It’s a safe and highly effective way to put the final touches on your contours with transformative results that last a long time, as long as you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Interested in truSculpt® iD in Miami?

If you are looking for a painless fat reduction and cellulite removal treatment, body sculpting with truSculpt® could be ideal for you. We invite you to contact us at (786) 802-6699 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation with the Hochstein Medspa and achieve your desired personalized results.