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Halo Laser Treatments

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It is common for people to have concerns over their various skin conditions. Halo™ is a laser treatment that can successfully target many skin issues such as sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, dull skin, and enlarged pores. In addition, Halo™ can be used to treat raised or indented scars caused by acne, surgery, or injury. This revolutionary procedure has helped many people obtain the glowing, beautiful skin they deserve.

Halo Laser Treatments Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidates should be in good health. The procedure is non-invasive, can be performed on nearly anyone, and offers many benefits. Most people who benefit from Halo™ share some of the following common problems:

  • Damaged or aged skin
  • Younger skin showing the beginning signs of aging
  • The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Scarring due to acne, injury, or surgery
  • Enlarged pores, discoloration, and other skin conditions


Halo™ is a fantastic skin rejuvenation treatment. The process uses a dual wavelength laser to stimulate collagen growth, improve surface texture, and enhance the tone of the patient’s skin. Depending on the total size of the treated surface area, sessions may take 30 minutes, over an hour, or may require several sessions. At Hochstein Medspa, we utilize a topical anesthetic and integrated cooling technology. Patients experience little discomfort during their Halo™ laser treatment. Many people experience a warm or prickling sensation that can sometimes persist for up to 30 minutes after the session. Mild skin damage may only need one treatment, while more advanced skin issues may require up to three treatments.


Halo™ treatment is mild enough for most people to tolerate easily. The healing process is generally fast and simple. There is little to no downtime. The side effects should last for one week or less and often includes discoloration and rough textures. The treatment area should be protected for at least 24 hours, and normal activities can be resumed after the first day. Sun protection is highly recommended to protect the skin. Makeup can be worn the day after treatment. Three to four days after the procedure, the patient’s skin will peel revealing a rejuvenated surface area. Pigmentary improvement is the most evident in the first two to three weeks. Following this period is a dermal regeneration phase that will involve further improvement for months.


Halo™ can provide total skin rejuvenation. Patient’s can expect to see remarkable improvements in their overall tone, skin texture discoloration, skin reflectivity, lines, pore size, and glow. Results improve over time, and some people may need multiple treatments depending on the severity of their skin damage. Many people report that they feel far more confident in their appearance after receiving Halo™ laser treatment. Halo™ is a modern technological achievement that can offer healthier and younger-looking skin for almost anyone.

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