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Breast Revision Testimonial

In this video, the patient mentions Dr. Hochstein and his staff as the only team she trusts with her plastic surgery procedures because her breast revision went flawlessly. The staff provides comfort and sets patients as a priority at all times.

Mommy Makeover Testimonial

Amanda Scott has given birth to three children. She desired a Mommy Makeover after diet and exercise were not resolving her areas of concern. After researching her options, she chose Dr. Hochstein based on positive reviews, testimonials, and before and after photos of the procedures. After sending pictures, emails, and conducting a phone consultation, Amanda was able to undergo her sought-after Mommy Makeover to achieve her desired goal of restoring her pre-baby appearance. Mommy Makeover surgery is a customizable procedure; Amanda selected a breast lift with new implants, a tummy tuck, and liposuction. In conclusion, Amanda mentions that she is still willing to travel from her home in Alaska to Dr. Hochstein’s office in Florida because of how satisfied she has been with the procedure cost and results.

Septoplasty Rhinoplasty Testimonial

In this video, we follow Sara’s pre-operative to post-operative septoplasty journey, witnessing her dramatic results from the procedure. Sara’s reason for undergoing septoplasty was to correct a large, irregularly shaped septum that was negatively affecting her breathing and sleeping patterns. The breathing issue became worse, and Sara’s nighttime snoring began disrupting her husband’s sleep. Sara’s results are beautiful, and her breathing issues were corrected with minimal swelling or pain.

Cosmetic Goals Testimonial

In this video, Karina shares how Dr. Hochstein provides a welcoming, comfortable environment and explains that the staff members are experienced and willing to explain procedures with patients thoroughly. After being adequately educated on each treatment to achieve the desired results, which in her case was a full Mommy Makeover, Karina is completely satisfied with her decision.

Breast Lift and Implant Exchange Testimonial

In this video, Fiona describes the procedures she underwent with Dr. Hochstein and his staff. She received a breast lift and implant exchange. The process went smoothly, and her results were satisfying enough for Fiona to be willing to travel from Massachusetts to seek Dr. Hochstein’s skills in Florida.

Rhinoplasty Miami

Run Time: 03:20 minutes

Tags: Rhinoplasty Miami, Nose surgery Miami, Nose job, Leonard Hochstein

Breast Augmentation Testimonial

Run Time: 03:30 minutes

Tags: Dr. Hochstein, Dr. H, breast augmentation, South Florida plastic

Facelift Surgery

Run Time : 01:05 minutes

Tags : Dr. Hochstein, Facelift surgery, Miami Florida

See for yourself the facelift results as Dr. Hochstein’s perform surgery on a close friend.

Mommy Makeover Testimonial

Run Time: 00:48 minutes

Tags: Mommy Makeover Miami, Mommy Makeover, Leonard Hochstein

Patient Testimonial Regarding Her Experience With Dr. Hochstein

In this video, the patient expresses gratitude for a positive experience with Dr. Hochstein. She mentions that she’s done multiple surgeries with Dr. Hochstein and has recommended him to her sister and friend. She also mentions her intent to return to Dr. Hochstein’s care for future procedures.

Patient Testimonial Regarding Breast Augmentation

In this video, the patient describes her satisfaction with the results of her breast augmentation with Dr. Hochstein. She explains how she spent over a year researching doctors, but felt certain that Dr. Hochstein was the right fit after meeting him and his staff. She mentions her straightforward commute from Key West, FL, to Miami, FL. Finally, she remarks that this was her first surgery, that Dr. Hochstein’s team made her feel comfortable and secure, and that she didn’t expect recovery to be so easy.

Patient Testimonial Regarding Breast Augmentation

Samantha Hiles shares how a previous bad plastic surgery experience spurred her to do extensive research for her breast augmentation. She found Dr. Hochstein and was impressed with his reviews, with the team’s Out-of-Town Coordinator, with Dr. Hochstein’s bedside manner, and more. She finishes by earnestly endorsing Dr. Hochstein’s practice for those seeking breast surgeries.

Patient Testimonial Regarding Breast Augmentation Revision

Barbara underwent breast augmentation revision with Dr. Hochstein one year prior to the filming of this testimonial. She mentions that she wasn’t happy with a previous surgery, which is why she sought out Dr. Hochstein. She expresses her overall satisfaction with her results and her experience as a patient of Dr. Hochstein’s.

Patient Testimonial Regarding Breast Augmentation and 360 Liposuction

Seven months prior to filming, Melisza Tomszay had breast augmentation surgery and liposuction. She says she’s a very happy patient and enthusiastically recommends Dr. Hochstein.