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Virtual Consultation in Miami, FL

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Finding the right plastic surgeon can be a long process, and sometimes the right surgeon for you may not be in your area.

To help ensure quality care and convenience for patients who may not be able to fly in for a face-to-face consultation, Dr. Hochstein offers virtual consultations to accommodate patients from all over. This virtual consultation consists of three easy steps.

Step 1: Send in Your Photos

First, get in contact with Dr. Hochstein’s office by sending an email to In this email, please include photos of the area or areas you would like to address and your contact information. The images should be recent and should match the format of pictures found in the Photo Gallery of your desired procedure(s). If possible, photos should be taken from the front, side, and back view, with your arms directly by your sides. You will need to ask someone you trust to take the pictures or use a tripod or other such device in order to be at an appropriate distance.

We take patient privacy very seriously, and all photos that are sent in are kept strictly confidential.

Step 2: Phone Consultation

Next, you will be put in contact with our out-of-town patient coordinator, who will assist you in setting up a phone consultation with Dr. Hochstein. The phone consultation allows you to discuss your concerns and your body and face goals, just as you would with an in-office consultation. This will provide Dr. Hochstein the information he needs to understand what you are looking for and determine your candidacy for your selected procedure.

At the end of this phone consultation, you will be given a surgical assessment and an overview of your treatment plan. Your patient coordinator will provide you with information about the cost as well as your financing options.

Final surgical assessment and price estimate will be confirmed during your in-person visit with Dr. Hochstein. Since plastic surgery is elective, insurance will not cover your procedure.

Step 3: Schedule Your Surgery

Once your candidacy is confirmed and you decide to move forward with surgery, our patient coordinator will help you to schedule your in-person consultation, surgery date, and post-operative appointments. We advised you to arrive one to two days prior to your surgery date so that Dr. Hochstein can evaluate you in person and give more details about the surgery. To help ensure you get the date that you want, we suggest that you call at least two months in advance.

A non-refundable deposit of 20 percent is required to book the surgery and reserve your date.

Where We Are Located

Our office is conveniently located 20 minutes south from Fort Lauderdale International Airport and 20 minutes north from Miami International Airport.

Want to Learn More?

If you are considering plastic surgery and would like to learn more about virtual consultations, please feel free to contact Dr. Hochstein’s office at 305-931-3338 or fill out this contact form to set up a consultation.