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BBL™ BroadBand Light Facial Rejuvenation

Over time, youthful and healthy skin can become damaged due to aging, sun exposure, smoking, and other lifestyle conditions. BBL™ BroadBand Light is an incredible light-based treatment that can rejuvenate damaged skin. BBL™ can effectively treat hyperpigmentation, scars, sun damage, acne, wrinkles, and other skin conditions and signs of facial aging.

What BBL™ Can Do for You

BBL™ can treat a wide range of skin conditions, including the following:

  • Hyperpigmentation: BBL™ is effective in reducing erythema, redness, rosacea, hyperpigmented marks, freckles, brown spots, and many other signs of hyperpigmentation by selectively destroying only the pigmented skin cells.
  • Scars: BBL™ and Halo™ treatments are frequently combined to provide effective scar revision and can significantly lighten and improve the appearance of acne scars, surgical scars, hypertrophic scars, and depressed scars.
  • Sun Damage: BBL™ can treat photodamaged skin, eliminate age spots, and restore a refreshed and untouched appearance.
  • Broken Capillaries: BBL™ destroys damaged tissue up to a full centimeter deep and can resolve broken capillaries within the skin.
  • Acne: BBL™ can destroy bacteria and minimize acne, including inflammatory acne, cystic acne, hormonal acne, breakouts, pustules, and even acne scars and redness caused by acne.
  • Wrinkles: BBL™ stimulates collagen formation, which smooths out the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Skin Texture: BBL™ treatments can improve rough skin texture and produce a softer, more even skin tone.
  • Skin Laxity: BBL™ triggers collagen and elastin, which tighten the skin and improve skin elasticity.
  • Pore Size: BBL™ treatments can destroy bacteria, minimize enlarged pores, and restore a more youthful appearance.

Your BBL™ Treatments

BBL™ is an innovative treatment that uses varying wavelengths of light energy to selectively heat and destroy damaged skin while simultaneously rejuvenating and renewing the skin cells. A broad spectrum of light waves is transmitted in quick pulses directly onto the skin. These pulses are delivered in several passes over the course of a short, gentle treatment session.

BBL™ can be used on the face, neck, chest, hands, arms, and specific trouble spots. It is sometimes combined with Halo™ so that BroadBand Light and fractional laser technology can together erase years of damage to the skin. This combination can improve skin texture, tone, color, and vitality.

There is very little downtime after a BBL™ treatment; patients can resume their normal activities and will see their results improve over time. Depending on the condition of your skin, you could need between two and six treatments delivered at three- to four-week intervals to create the desired results. With two or three treatments each year, patients can maintain their results and keep up their youthful appearances.

To learn more about the benefits of BBL™, book your appointment at the Hochstein Medspa, led by Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Leonard Hochstein, M.D. Call (305) 931-3338 or contact us online today.

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