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Arm Lift in Miami, FL

Men and women may be dissatisfied with their arm appearance for a number of reasons. Sagging skin or excess fat around your arms may leave you feeling flabby. Weight loss is a common culprit that creates sagging tissue. However, people often lose the elasticity of their arm skin and develop “bat wings” as they age. An arm lift surgery with Dr. Hochstein can:

Slim the appearance of the arms
Provide relief from painful chafing
Create a more toned and defined arm appearance

Arm Lift FAQ

  • Q: Am I a good candidate for an arm lift surgery?

    A: Candidates for an arm lift surgery are in good health and have realistic expectations of their results. You may consider an arm lift if you have hanging or excess arm skin that is unsightly or causes painful irritation. An arm lift surgery may not be right for you if you have had a mastectomy or operations in the axilla lymph nodes.

  • Q: What risks are associated with an arm lift surgery?

    A: The risks associated with an arm lift surgery in healthy candidates are generally mild. Bleeding and infection are common risks with any surgery, but these can be minimized by properly following your postoperative care instructions. Fluid accumulation may occur but is rare.

  • Q: Can I build arm muscle following my arm lift surgery?

    A: Once you have received approval from Dr. Hochstein, you can resume all your regular exercise routines. You may feel some initial soreness, but this alleviates over time. Most patients shouldn’t have problems building up arm muscle through weight training.

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