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Tummy Tuck in Miami, FL

Aging, pregnancy, and weight gain are all factors that can contribute to excess fat in your midsection. As time progresses, it becomes increasingly impossible to improve sagging skin and excess fat in this area without surgery. A tummy tuck, also called an abdominoplasty, is the ideal cosmetic procedure to tighten your abdominal muscles, remove sagging skin and fat, and provide the firm and slender silhouette you desire. Depending on the extent of your procedure, a tummy tuck surgery with Dr. Hochstein in Miami can correct the following:

Excess abdominal fat Sagging skin in the midsection
Separated and weak abdominal muscles Stretch marks on the lower abdomen

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This Mom of 4 looks "rocking" after her Tummy Tuck with Dr. H!


Tummy Tuck FAQs

  • Q: Am I a candidate for a tummy tuck?

    A: The best candidates for this procedure are in good health, do not smoke, and have realistic expectations of the process. They have typically maintained their current weight for at least three months.

  • Q: How much weight will I lose with a tummy tuck?

    A: Your weight will likely be reduced after surgery, but this is not the goal of the procedure. A tummy tuck is meant to improve the shape of the midsection and the tightness of the abdominal skin.

  • Q: Do I need liposuction along with my tummy tuck?

    A: Dr. Hochstein often combines liposuction with a tummy tuck, but not all patients will need it. If your main concern is excess skin, a tummy tuck alone can remove it. However, many women decide to combine a tummy tuck with other procedures, such as breast augmentation or a Mommy Makeover, for overall body rejuvenation.

  • Q: What if I have a significant amount of fat or excess skin?

    A: Dr. Hochstein can perform an extended tummy tuck on patients who have a significant amount of skin to be removed. These patients have typically lost a large amount of weight either through diet and exercise or gastric bypass surgery and have loose, sagging skin. The procedure is similar to a traditional tummy tuck but will involve a longer incision, sometimes completely around the torso, which will also improve the appearance of the back. Dr. Hochstein can also remove “love handles” and other fatty areas around the core to reveal a more slender midsection.

  • Q: Should I be finished having children before considering a tummy tuck?

    A: Yes. Since pregnancy will undo the results of a tummy tuck, it is recommended that women be finished having children before considering surgery.

  • Q: What results can I expect from a tummy tuck?

    A: Tummy tuck results are permanent unless you subsequently gain a significant amount of weight or become pregnant. Patients who are at or near their ideal weight will experience the best results from this procedure, which include a flatter abdomen, more feminine contours for women, smoother skin, and increased confidence.

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