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Category: Cosmetic Surgery


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Can Plastic Surgery Lead to “Mom Guilt”?

Cosmetic Surgery, Mommy Makeover, Preparing for Plastic Surgery

As a devoted mother, you often find yourself torn between fulfilling your desires, prioritizing the needs of your children, and the demands of daily life. Yet, amid this beautiful chaos, an intriguing question arises: Can the pursuit of plastic surgery lead to the enigmatic phenomenon known as “mom guilt”? Here, we dive deep into the […]

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How to Prepare for Your Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery, Preparing for Plastic Surgery

3 Minute Read: So you’ve decided to undergo cosmetic surgery to enhance your appearance. You may have already scheduled a consultation with a plastic surgeon, or maybe you are still learning about your preferred procedure(s).  Either way, planning ahead is crucial to help ensure a smooth experience. 5 Steps to Take for a Successful Surgery […]

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Want to Look Like a Model? Learn Which Plastic Surgery Techniques Can Help

Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic Surgery Trends

4 Minute Read: For decades, women have been looking at models and actresses’ physiques, comparing their own bodies to what they see on screen. While it may not be healthy to dwell on this comparison, it can give you some inspiration for your own (realistic) body goals. Many women turn to plastic surgery to achieve […]

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Hear What Other Patients Have to Say About Dr. Hochstein

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgery, Preparing for Plastic Surgery

3 Minute Read: Choosing the right plastic surgeon is one of the most vital decisions you can make when preparing for a cosmetic procedure. But, how do you find the best plastic surgeon? There are several factors to consider when looking for the right doctor. Among the list are plastic surgeon’s experience, referrals, and credentials. […]

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Why Is Cosmetic Surgery a Good Investment?

Cosmetic Surgery

When most people are considering cosmetic surgery, they often think of it as a luxury. While it is indeed a luxurious thing to be able to improve one’s looks, it could also be considered a significant investment. You are your most valuable asset—investing in improving how you feel about yourself is one of the most […]

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