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Category: Liposuction


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7 Tips to Enhance Your Liposuction Recovery


3 Minute Read:  You have no doubt heard of liposuction (or even Lipo 360) and how this popular plastic surgery procedure contours the body. However, you may not realize that this is an invasive surgical procedure. To support a successful outcome and optimal recovery, you must follow your doctor’s orders before and after surgery. What […]

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5 Tips for Keeping Excess Fat Away After a Body Contouring Procedure

Liposuction, Tummy Tuck

2 Minute Read:  The ASPS has reported an increasing trend in body sculpting procedures. And, there are plenty of reasons why! Body contouring, such as a tummy tuck, is becoming more popular among people who can’t seem to get the real results they want from the gym or a healthy diet. How Do I Keep […]

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