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Category: Injectables

Quick Guide to the Medspa’s Facial Fillers Part 2

Posted November 11, 2019

We’re far from the days when people denied “getting work done.”  It’s now common for people from all walks of life to pop into their surgeon’s office and ask what they can do about cosmetic issues.  With the wide variety of non-surgical rejuvenating options growing, it’s now easier and less expensive than ever to seek […]

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How Can Injectables Revitalize My Appearance?

Posted October 18, 2019

3 min read The natural effects of aging take a drastic toll on our bodies. This is especially noticeable when it comes to our faces.  Facial imperfections like wrinkles, lines, and creases can add years to our appearance.  Whether you are looking to enhance the skin under your eyes or hollowed cheeks, many patients turn […]

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5 Guilt-Free Ways to Treat Yourself

Posted September 11, 2013

The average American woman is consumed with energy-draining tasks that she must perform on a daily basis. Juggling a career, spouse, children, and social life day after day leaves her little time to re-charge and focus on herself. Over time, this cycle causes fatigue, ultimately stifling her ever-important productivity. Women often feel guilty about putting […]

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Posted August 06, 2013

End of Summer Botox And Filler Party Sept 7th from 9-5 To all our wonderful patients we are having a Botox and Filler party to help recover from the SUMMER FUN and get ready to get back to BUSINESS!  Ladies, we all know how things can add up so we thought we would send some savings your way […]

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Make your skin look younger by eliminating fine lines and wrinkles today!

Posted January 08, 2013

Freshen up your skin with our rejuvenation techniques to help enhance the beauty of your skin by eliminating lines and wrinkles.  At the office of Dr. Leonard Hochstein we offer a wide array of injectables such as Botox Cosmetic, making your skin look younger by eliminating fine line and wrinkles. World Renowned plastic surgeon Dr. […]

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Helpful information when it comes to understanding Botox

Posted December 17, 2012

The goal of using Botox Cosmetic is to create a natural younger you.  Wrinkles, unfortunately, are in everyones furture.  Wrinkles are created by the continuous movement of facial muscles under the skin, causeing a creasing and folding to meet the muscles demands.  Unfortunately when they are left untreated over the years these little fine lines […]

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