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How Women’s Health Services Measure Up

Women's Health

Women have as many healthcare needs as men, if not more, but sadly, traditional Western medicine has a long history of neglecting them.  Even more unfortunate is that this pattern continues to put women at risk. Western Medicine and Women In “conventional” medicine, diagnosing illness relies heavily on lab tests that offer measurable pathologies. When […]

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Non-invasive Vaginal Rejuvenation With diVa® FAQ

diVa® Laser Therapy, Women's Health

3 Minute Read: Decreased elasticity (looseness) in the vagina and surrounding ligaments can be caused by several factors and leads to many common problems. Decades ago, the development of effective surgical procedures to tighten the vagina and nearby tissues made the news and promised relief for thousands of women.  Today, an advanced non-surgical treatment called […]

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5 Things You Don’t Know About Vaginal Therapy With diVa®

diVa® Laser Therapy, Women's Health

2 Minute Read: If you thought vaginal therapy was all about helping women achieve orgasms or improve their quality, you’re only partly right.  While female sexual function is a primary goal, treatment with the diVa® laser offers other essential benefits. Frequency and Quality of Orgasms We’ll leave this at the top of the list. Female […]

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We are happy to announce we NOW carry the SkinMedica Line!!

Beauty Tips, Home, Women's Health

Dr. Hochstein’s staff have been hooked on all the SkinMedica  products and love the fabulous results of the whole product line. Great for all skin types, Dr. Hochstein and staff believe that the SkinMedica line is a great way to attain youthful-looking skin. Not sure what products you should be using?  Think of this concept the next […]

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Latisse Special!

Beauty Tips, Home, Specials, Uncategorized, Women's Health

SPRING INTO BEAUTIFUL LASHES!    BUY TWO 5ML KITS OF LATISSE FOR $299 UNTIL MAY 30TH, 2014!    CALL 305-931-3338 to place your order today! 

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