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Posted October 25, 2022 in diVa® Laser Therapy, Women's Health

5 Things You Don’t Know About Vaginal Therapy With diVa®

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If you thought vaginal therapy was all about helping women achieve orgasms or improve their quality, you’re only partly right. 


While female sexual function is a primary goal, treatment with the diVa® laser offers other essential benefits.

  1. Frequency and Quality of Orgasms

We’ll leave this at the top of the list. Female sexual dysfunction is all too common, with some women never able to reach climax through intercourse. With the diVa® device, these women can have a chance to experience the naturally intended pleasure they have been missing. 

  1. Bladder Leaks

Any form of urinary incontinence is a distressing byproduct of childbirth and aging, and this condition can affect young and old alike. Past treatments have included medication, surgery, and lifestyle changes, with many women resigned to wearing pads daily. 

Thankfully, the diVa® laser device can regenerate healthy tissue that can resist leakage and restore control.

  1. Vaginal Dryness and Pain

Lack of vaginal lubrication can lead to irritation, a less enjoyable experience, and pain during sex. This dryness can be caused by a loss of collagen in vaginal tissue or sexual dysfunction. The diVa® laser device can treat both conditions and help ensure the proper amount of lubrication to support vaginal function.

  1. Vaginal Laxity (Looseness)

A loose vagina can occur over time or with childbirth. This can result in bladder leakage as well as less sensitivity for both partners. Treatment with diVa® can strengthen the vaginal walls and promote collagen growth to tighten the vagina.

  1. Vaginal Wall Thickness

The vaginal walls can thin over time, contributing to laxity and reduced vaginal function. The diVa® process works wonders to thicken the vaginal walls and return healthy function to the vagina.

How Does the diVa® Laser Work?

Treatment only lasts for five minutes or less, during which time the first of two lasers works to repair damage and resurface the vaginal wall. Then, the second laser heats the deeper layers of tissue to trigger rapid collagen production. 

Is the diVa® Laser Painful?

Most patients report light pressure and no pain, but a topical anesthetic can be applied if requested to ensure comfort during the procedure. 

There is no downtime associated with diVa® treatments, and you can resume your daily routine immediately. 

Some women experience a light discharge or spotting, which should subside quickly. However, you should not engage in sexual intercourse for 48 hours.

How Many diVa® Treatments Will I Need? 

You may receive up to three treatments spaced a month apart. One treatment is recommended every year after your initial procedures to maintain results.

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