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Posted March 22, 2012 in Breast Augmentation, Home

Would You Try a ‘Boob Job’ Cream?

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In an effort to determine if creams that promise to enlarge breasts are indeed effective, Birmingham, England-based launched an informal test of two of the most popular breast-enhancing formulas available. The results after six weeks were somewhat surprising.

The least expensive of the two creams (which were not identified), contains plant extracts that are believed to tighten up the skin and stimulate fat cells. The more expensive cream combines a steroid derived from an Asian root, microfibers and wheat protein, all geared to improve the bust line and moisturize the skin.

While the volunteers liked the scent and moisturizing qualities of the more expensive brand, none of them reported a change in breast size, CSG reported. And, many of them grew tired of the twice-a-day application of the cream without achieving any truly discernible results.

However, those who used the less-expensive formula said their breasts felt “fuller and tighter” and that their breasts looked better and fit tighter in their bras.

The creams on the market, which are readily available online, claim to create “larger, fuller breasts” with all-natural ingredients that range from $50 to $120 and more. Rodial Boob Job ($150) is one such product that uses the Asian root, however, it offers a disclaimer on its website: “Please note that Boob Job is not proven to offer the same results as a surgical breast enhancement.”

Do you think breast-enhancing creams are worth the money?

Posted Wednesday, March 21, 2012 by Shellie Terry Benson, Editor of New Beauty