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What Should Female Athletes Know Before Their Breast Reduction or Breast Augmentation?

Posted January 12, 2021 in Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction

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Beyond muscular strength, cardiovascular constitution, and technical skill, there is another factor that uniquely affects the performance of female athletes—the size of their breasts. On the one hand, those cumbersome eight to 10 pounds of extra weight can be seen as a hindrance on the court, track, field, or floor. But on the other, women sometimes struggle to maintain their femininity in a culture that often equates extreme physical fitness with masculinity.

Fit woman holding a jump rope, wearing a sports bra.

If you believe that your athletic dedication precludes you from getting the breast surgery you desire, you may want to think again. 

How Have Female Athletes Used Breast Surgery to Their Advantage?

Simona Halep, a tennis star from Romania, felt that her 34DD chest was holding her back. While her breasts made her popular among male fans, she often complained of back pain and discomfort both on and off the court. Much to the chagrin of her fan base, Halep underwent breast reduction surgery. At a much more manageable 34C, Halep has long reported being happy with her decision and is back at her peak performance.

Alternatively, many other athletes, particularly female wrestlers and bodybuilders, have chosen breast augmentation to create a more feminine, sensual appeal. While these women chose breast augmentation for aesthetic reasons, there has never been proof that the implants have slowed them down in any way. 

The story of Australian hurdler Jana Rawlinson (nee Pittman) is equally interesting and controversial. A lifelong athlete, Rawlinson did what many women with toned, muscular bodies do to feel more feminine—she underwent breast augmentation surgery (reportedly in 2006 after childbirth). The operation did not hinder her performance—she won the 400m hurdles at the Osaka World Championship in 2007 and the Grand Prix event in Spain in 2009. Nevertheless, she has chosen to remove her breast implants to increase her chances of attaining a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics.

The stories of Rawlinson and Halep vary somewhat in their circumstances. Still, they both highlight a key point: plastic surgery may be able to help women reconcile disparities between their bodies and their athletic or aesthetic goals in ways that training cannot.

What Should Female Athletes Consider About Breast Reduction?

There is no denying that many female athletes, especially track stars, swimmers, gymnasts, and tennis players, consider breast reduction surgery to boost their game and enhance their comfort. 

Large, cumbersome breasts can interfere with movement and, due to the extra weight, contribute to unwanted back, neck, and chest pain. Breast reduction allows women to return to the field without this discomfort.  

What Should Female Athletes Consider About Breast Augmentation?

While larger breasts are not always appropriate for some activities, it doesn’t mean that they are always a hindrance.

Many professional athletes and gym lovers choose breast implants because they don’t have a lot of natural breast fat. This can lead to an unbalanced look and emotional discomfort. When the correct implants are chosen, there is often little to no problem performing any of the activities you love.

If you are a dedicated athlete, be sure to mention this during your consultation. Dr. Hochstein will be able to suggest the proper implant size, material, and placement for your needs and inform you about how you should go about recovery (and exercising) after your augmentation.

Interested in Learning More?

Are you interested in breast surgery? If you are a dedicated and serious athlete, you may feel as though your options are limited. Learn how these procedures can help improve your body contour, enhance your confidence, and still keep up your game. 

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