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Posted September 29, 2021 in Plastic Surgery Recovery, Thigh Lift

What Happens if You Exercise Too Soon After a Thigh Lift?

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After a thigh lift, many patients are eager to get out there and show off their newly toned legs. But before you hit the gym or take that morning run along the beach, you need to make sure that your exercise regimen is tailored to your recovery.

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Exercising too soon after your thigh lift can lead to complications that prolong your recovery. You want to avoid that at all costs, and to do that, you need to take it easy, especially during the initial weeks after surgery.

For a smooth and comfortable recovery, patients are advised to strictly follow all their doctor’s post-operative instructions, including postponing strenuous physical activity for up to four to six weeks.

What Are the Risks of Exercising Too Early After My Thigh Lift?

In case of over-exertion following your thigh lift surgery, you risk experiencing some of these complications.

Reopening of Incisions

Exercising too hard can put a lot of stress on incision sites and is one of the most common causes of incision dehiscence.

Prolonged Recovery

When you have not healed completely, strenuous exercise can worsen side effects, exposing you to several complications. With complications come pronounced pain and delayed recovery.


If you exercise with wounds that have not healed completely, you risk getting wound infections which can be devastating for your recovery and results.

Excessive Scarring

Exercising too soon leads to excessive scarring making a patient experience a sense of tightness that can translate to soreness, pain, and unpleasant results.

Bruising and Swelling

Doing extreme exercises or heavy lifting before you are ready can also cause bruising, soreness, and swelling.

When Can I Resume Exercise After a Thigh Lift?

You have come a long way in search of youthful-looking legs. Now it is time to be patient with your recovery and only ease back into exercise routines when your surgeon clears you. 

Stay positive, follow your doctor’s instructions, eat healthily, and rest often to give yourself the best chance at optimal healing so you can get back out there feeling and looking better.

Even though major exercise is restricted during the initial six weeks after your surgery, your surgeon will encourage light activities like short walks and other gentle exercises as an important part of your recovery. This is essential as it promotes blood circulation and prevents the formation of blood clots, deep vein thrombosis, and pulmonary embolism, potential complications that occur when people stay too idle after surgery.

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