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Posted October 18, 2021 in Sclerotherapy

Want to Cure Your Spider Veins Before Next Summer?

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Although spider veins can be treated at any time, there are many advantages to completing treatment before summer. Since the warm, sunny weather is perfect for wearing shorts, skirts, and dresses that leave legs bare, many of us want to have smooth, soft, vein-free legs to feel confident in.

Woman sitting near the beach, wearing boho-style jewelry.

Do Spider Veins Interfere With Activity?

Spider and varicose veins can cause soreness, burning, and swelling. These symptoms can interfere with the enjoyment of and may lead to skipping physical activities altogether. 

Completing your sclerotherapy treatment before summer arrives lets you enjoy warm weather and have fun outdoors without worrying about spider veins.

Why Should I Choose Sclerotherapy Now?

Limited Aerobic Activity

Your doctor may recommend limited activity after your sclerotherapy appointment. Strenuous aerobic activity that puts stress on your body can hinder treatment and recovery. This means that you may miss out on outdoor recreation and water sports if you choose to undergo treatments during summer.

Spending time on indoor hobbies, such as reading or computer games, lets you rest your legs and stay warm when it’s cold outside. 

Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive treatment that doesn’t involve surgery. Most people don’t need much downtime, so you probably won’t need to alter your daily routine.


Pressure wraps are frequently applied immediately after a sclerotherapy treatment and worn for two days. Your doctor may recommend compression socks for two to four weeks after your appointment to reduce swelling and pain. 

Compression socks can feel itchy and uncomfortable during hot, humid Florida summers. They are more comfortable during winter months when skin is more likely to be cool and dry.

How Will My Legs Look?

UV radiation is a risk factor for spider veins because it can damage cellular DNA. This may lead to weakened blood vessels and changes in skin pigmentation.

UV Radiation

Exposure to UV radiation can also cause skin discoloration after a sclerotherapy treatment. It’s important to limit exposure to sunlight for at least three to four weeks after a sclerotherapy appointment to let the area heal. 

If you start treatment during fall or winter, your skin is more likely to be protected by clothing. It also gives you plenty of time to heal before summer.

Bruising or Discoloration

Potential side effects of sclerotherapy include bruising and swelling. Some products used to treat spider veins may stain skin for up to six months. Covering skin blemishes on your legs with long pants or skirts is much more comfortable in cold weather. 

Try to schedule treatment for spider veins at least six months before summer starts to give discoloration time to fade.

Where Can I Get Treatment?

Make sure you are ready to have smooth legs before summer. Call Hochstein Medspa at 786-802-6699 or use the online contact form to schedule a consultation and learn more about how you can rejuvenate your legs with sclerotherapy.