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Tummy Tuck Miami Florida

Posted January 05, 2010 in Home, Tummy Tuck

A Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) that is performed with or without a breast lift (Mastopexy or Bennelli) has become one of the most popular surgeries performed by myself and for very good reasons. When properly done, there is no surgery, which can alter the post pregnancy body more other than perhaps breast augmentation / breast lift. Every anatomical change cannot only be corrected but even brought back to a better than before pregnancy state. A True Mommy Makeover!

There are several changes that occur to the female body during the pregnancy. The most visible change is the stretching of the skin with the possibility of developing stretch marks. There is also a fat redistribution with the fat being centered in the hips and abdomen area. There is also a significant muscle separation creating an out pouching of the abdomen. All of these are addressed by the modern abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck).

The first issue to be addressed is a skin stretching. The skin from the supra pubic area to the level of the umbilicus is usually removed and the upper skin is stretched down to the lower portion, which also results in a lifting/tightening of the external genitalia. Sometimes stretch marks are streak and developed. Depending upon their position most can be removed or at least brought to a much lower location. When healed, the scar should be thin and located in a low enough position so that a bikini would completely cover it. I have seen abdominoplasty scars, which seem to go very high as the incision goes outward. This is a worse situation possible when it comes to hiding the scar and makes it impossible to lower or otherwise hide.

The next problem, which is addressed, is the fat layer. The lower abdominal fat is addressed by excision along with the overlying skin in one piece. There is additional shaping performed in the hips and back using lipo sculpting. I prefer to use the power-assisted techniques to remove these fat deposits to create a narrow waist. Recently, ultrasonic or smart lipo gained some popularity but I have seen some very irregular and poor results using this technique.

The last issue is the muscle stretching or separation. This is what creates…
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