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Posted November 29, 2011 in Breast Augmentation, Home

Things to know when picking out breast implants sizes

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Picking out implant sizes for a breast augmentation can be a bit trying for most people. There are people that believe the doctor should pick their sizes however, it can lead to an unhappy outcome for the patient although he/she may be a doctor this is still just one persons option. There are doctors that prefer smaller implants and will push for a more natural conservative look when a patient desires for a much larger sexier appearance and vice versa. What you are looking for in a doctor is one that will listen to what you want, then tell you if this works for your body frame and if he/she can achieve your desired results.

Most people believe that picking a breast size has to do with your height or weight but it’s much more in-depth then that! These may be important factors but there are other more important concerns.

First, it does help if you know what basic cup size ie. (B+, C+ or D) you would like to be (Please keep in mind that there are no set universal sizing for different brands and companies). Just like you may wear size 4 jeans in one brand and size 6 jeans in another, different bra companies will vary as well.

That being said, I will start to explain some of the basics. When picking your size there are some important factors. One factor you must keep into play would be: do you have breast tissue to begin with and if so how is your nipple placement? Another important factor you must ask yourself is: are your nipples far apart, in the middle or close?

All women come in different shapes and sizes and this is very important because implants come in different projections and dimensions as well. Although the projection is important, it is not as important as the dimension when it comes to cleavage. All women’s rib cages are different widths and require different implants to cover the chest wall from the middle of rib cage (cleavage) to outer edge of the rib cage.

“A woman’s bust measure incorporates her breast size, as reflected in her bra cup size. For example, a woman with a bra size of 36B has a rib cage of 31-32 inches in circumference (measured under the breasts) and a bust measure of 37 inches; a woman with a bra size 34C has a rib cage of 29-30 inches around, but the same bust measure of 37 inches. However, the woman with a 34C breast size will appear “bustier” because of the apparent difference in bust to ribcage ratio.” This is the reason why by just going by the cup size alone will be difficult for a patient to get the results that they really want. This is also where you have to trust your doctor to try and understand what the desired look you are going for.

Pictures can be extremely helpful but always remember if the model you have chosen has a completely different chest size and nipple placement than you figure, you will need the doctor to help you pick the implants so you can get as close to your desired look as possible.