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Posted January 05, 2010 in Breast Augmentation, Home

The New Trend in Breast Augmentation!

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Last night I was up watching back to back episodes of Dr. 90210 (Dr. Rey) as I often do just to see what is going on in other plastic surgery offices. In those brief moments where he is not having personal interactions with his wife or someone is not being cut open, the show is actually very entertaining.

The one topic that interested me in this particular episode was the mention of women in L. A. over the past year opting for smaller breast implants. A lot of this has to do with trends and geographic locations. Let’s face it, Pamella Anderson isn’t getting any younger! LOL Who would ever think that breasts follow fashion trends. There used to be a time where chubby, flat chested, thin lipped women were considered hot! Thank God that is GONE, or I would be in trouble!

I happened to love large breasts, but it is important to consider shelf life and your lifestyle when choosing your implant sizes, specially now that silicone came to stay and the new technology is permitting them to last a lot longer.

There are many things to consider when making this decision, like your height, your weight, your chest cavity size and the capacity of your tissue stretch, meaning you may not be able to go from a A into a DDD your first time around. 🙂

I found that it is just as important to look at your own personal life. From talking to so many women on a daily basis, they have brought some questions to my desk. Things such as will they be able to wear couture clothing? Will they find appropriate business attire? If they are athletic, will they have problems working out? And the most famous question is ” Will my boobs walk into the room before I do?” Now, for some women this is great and this is exactly what they are looking for and than others are just looking to get back to what they had before childbearing or would just like to have any breasts in general!
I, myself, felt like a boy before I had breast augmentation. I had them done when I was 22 years old with Saline implants and then again when I was 33 with Silicone by Dr. H (Dr. Hochstein) and I have always been amazed with the effect that it had on the way men interacted with me. Having had a great run, my priorities have shifted some and as I get a little older I have started to think about going a little smaller but I am not ready yet! Perhaps when I get my face lift in another 10 years, I will go down a few sizes just so the old men at the old folks’ home don’t have heart attacks!

Good luck with your decisions and happy planning!