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Healing is a Two Way Street!

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Often times patients do not fully realize that they are as much responsible for their healing as the doctor. The healing process has to be a partnership and this is where the patient comes in contributing to their own healing process proactively.
You have spent months if not years planning for this surgery. You have saved and put aside money, dreaming of the happy outcome. You have chosen the doctor of your life. You might have taken the first step by ordering your garments, buying your homeopathic remedies, but have you planned for a successful recovery?
Here in Dr. H’s office, we take the extra step to educate our patients and provide them with resources to help them throughout their healing. The doctor goes over all the do’s and don’t’s which are reinforced by the staff but still we find that people don’t realize the magnitute of not complying with the post surgery instructions. This can be the most important part of your final result.
A doctor cannot be there for you every step of the way. Patients must take responsibilities for their aftercare.
If you just had a tummy tuck and you were explicitly told to walk bent down, there is a reason for that. And it is a big reason if you want to end up with a neat clean scar. Walking upright too soon might lead to an ugly scar or worst, the opening of the incision.
If you have just had breast augmentation and you are out having fun too soon, before your body had a chance to properly heal. You could run into complications that could end up costing you more time and money had you only stayed home and recovered.
You may be feeling a whole lot better than you had anticipated, which is wonderful but you need to remember this was major surgery and your body still needs a chance to properly heal. The decisions you make in the first couple of days may and will affect your final outcome. So it is important to follow instructions to the T and remember this is a short amount of time to give up compared to the benefits and years of enjoyment you will receive from the positive results.
So listen to your doctor. He knows what he is talking about it. He went through years of education and practice and this was the reason you chose him!