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Posted November 26, 2018 in Breast Cancer, Breast Implants

How Breast Implants Can Help Cancer Survivors

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Beating breast cancer might be a reality for many women at some point in their life. According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, it is estimated that nearly 252,710 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Eliminating breast cancer is a possibility thanks to modern medicine, but the fight doesn’t end after treatment. Many cancer survivors will suffer from scars both physical and mental after their cancer is gone. Standard treatment for breast cancer can involve the removal of breast tissue through a mastectomy. In many cases, breast implants and breast revision can be a powerful life enhancer for those who make the tough decision to undergo a mastectomy.

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Empowering the Individual

The choice to get breast implants is a deeply personal one. Some women may feel fine with their post-mastectomy body and will not need implants or breast revision. On the other hand, breast augmentation offers incalculable value for those seeking reclamation of their femininity. Restoring one’s body to an ideal aesthetic can be a way for cancer survivors to celebrate their health victories and live life to the fullest. Many women want to be able to fit in their clothes better, and some have the goal of looking even better than they did before being diagnosed with cancer. Most importantly, electing to have breast augmentation can help restore the morale and tenacity of anyone who has overcome cancer.

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Choosing to Get Breast Augmentation

When deciding if breast implants are a good option, patients should consult their doctors and weigh all health concerns with the benefits of the procedure. Taking the time to make sure that surgery is the best choice is essential. Planning for breast implants should involve time for both consultations and proper recovery time. After careful consideration, candidates for surgery will feel confident in their choice to get breast implants.

The next big step is finding a highly experienced specialist to perform the surgery. Those contemplating breast implants should consider a well-regarded plastic surgeon such as Dr. Hochstein. He has performed over 25,000 breast surgeries and is affectionately called “The Boob God™” by many media outlets. Furthermore, Dr. Hochstein and his staff are actively involved in charity work, including sponsorship of the Foundation for Women’s Cancer. They also participate in the Susan G. Komen breast cancer walk to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer every year.

Conquering breast cancer is the embodiment of female strength. Regardless of whether or not you decide breast implants are right for you, remember always to honor your victory over breast cancer and embrace your feminine beauty.

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