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Posted December 27, 2019 in Breast Implants, News

Current Risk Estimate of Breast Implants Associated with ALCL

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Many women in Miami, FL who are considering breast implant surgery have questions about the risk of lymphoma associated with breast implants.

A study published in March 2019 in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery® Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons answers many of these questions.

Woman covering her breasts near a pink ribbon signifying breast cancer

The most important point made in this article is that breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) is an illness associated with textured implants only. The researchers found that the few reported cases of ALCL in women with smooth implants had, in fact, had textured implants prior. They also found that no such cases have been reported historically prior to the use of textured implants. 

Although most commonly used in Europe and South America, some women in the USA have had textured implants used. If you happen to be one of my patients, rest assured I do not use textured implants.

The risk of ALCL is also related to the type of texturing, as each manufacturer uses a different process. In this article they found that polyurethane texturing is associated with the greatest risk and that is specifically that one out of every 2,832 women with such an implant would develop this disease. 

This study does not recommend replacement if you have textured implants but rather to monitor for symptoms, such are hardening, pain, or enlargement of the breast. It should also be noted that these cancers are easily treated with removal of the capsule being curative.

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