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5 Myths About Breast Implants

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Breast Augmentation Before and AfterEvery year, breast augmentation is the top plastic surgery procedure performed. The number of women who undergo breast augmentation has steadily risen over the past decade, in large part because newer techniques provide more outstanding results. However, even with the popularity of the procedure, many patients fall prey to the common myths about breast implants. These misconceptions may prevent you from choosing breast augmentation or can give you a false idea of what results can be achieved. Here are the 5 common myths about breast implants.

Myth #1. Breast Implants Are Easy to Rupture

The anxiety behind implant rupture is understandable. When it does happen, immediate surgery is needed and additional costs are incurred. But many people do not understand how rare implant rupture is. The implants used in breast augmentation are made from durable materials that handle strain very well. If you don’t want to take our word for it, go ahead and watch this video instead:

Even after intentionally trying to puncture or rip the implants with a contender for the world’s sharpest shoe, the woman is unable to cause any damage. Hopefully, your body will not endure the same amount of trauma this implant did, but if it does, you still have a pretty strong chance the implants will remain sealed.

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Myth #2. Silicone Implants Are Dangerous

In the 1990s and early 2000s, silicone implants weren’t FDA approved to be used in breast augmentation. People were afraid that silicone leaks could be harmful to their health. However, in 2006 the FDA approved the use of silicone implants after several studies proved that silicone implants had no long-term health risks. This considered, it is still important you seek medical attention if you believe you have an implant rupture or leak (of silicone or saline implants) to prevent infection.

Myth #3. Breast Implants Look Fake

Movies and TV shows like to perpetuate the idea that breast implants look fake and feel even worse. The truth is, the quality of your results will vary depending on the skill of your surgeon and the type of implant used for your procedure. A fake breast look is often the result of poorly placed implants that are too large for your body. Dr. Hochstein believes that breast augmentation options that achieve balanced and natural-looking breasts appear the most beautiful. He will work with you during your consultation to ensure the best, most realistic results possible.

Myth #4. Anatomical Implants Are Better Than Round Implants

Blanket statements about breast implants are generally false. There are so many implant options available because each patient has a unique body type. While anatomical implants may provide a more natural breast appearance in some patients, they are more likely to cause a distorted appearance if the anatomical implant rotates in the breast pocket. The best implant for you will be determined based on a number of physical factors and your ultimate goals. Dr. Hochstein can help you determine the best implant option for you during your consultation.

Myth #5. You Will Need to Replace Your Implants After 10 Years

This number is thrown around a lot when it comes to implants. Many say that you must replace your implants after 10 or 15 years depending on the brand. The truth is, this is just an estimate. Implants can wear down over time, and some women will need to have them replaced sooner than 10 years after their breast augmentation surgery, while others will not need to replace them for many decades. If your implants are in good condition and still provide the appearance you desire, there is no reason to replace them just because they are a certain age.

You may find that you develop breast tissue laxity and sagging as you age. Over time, you may consider a breast lift to correct this, but there is no need to replace implants at this time if they are in good condition.
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