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Posted September 02, 2021 in Facial Plastic Surgery, Facial Symmetry

What Options Do I Have to Enhance Facial Symmetry?

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Facial symmetry is a specific measure of bodily symmetry that influences judgment on how we perceive beauty. For many people, faces that are deemed to be attractive tend to be symmetrical (balanced and even). 

Research has also shown that increasing facial symmetry increases ratings of attractiveness for both males and females.

Close-up of woman's face with a ruler overlay to show facial measurements.

What Does Facial Symmetry Mean?

There are numerous sets of characteristics that make up a person’s face. 

For some people, the extent of their facial features’ asymmetry is minimal and not obvious, which is okay. For others, facial asymmetry can be more apparent, causing insecurities and lack of self-confidence. 

When an individual has a naturally disproportionate nose, prominent ears, or heavy eyebrows that begin to fall over the eyes, it can create an imbalance that significantly affects how they see themselves or are seen by others.

Fortunately, there are several facial plastic surgery procedures that can correct and enhance the overall symmetry of the face for a more balanced and youthful look. Most of these procedures target the nose, face, neck, ears, and eyes, with the option of combining treatments to create an overall symmetrical effect.

If you are unhappy with your facial symmetry or experience any functional limitations because of this, you may consider undergoing any of these surgeries, depending on the area you seek to address. 

Each procedure is unique to the individual and seeks to achieve the patient’s personal goals and aesthetic look.

What Are the Best Procedures to Improve Facial Symmetry?


Aging often causes the skin to lose elasticity, leading to loose, sagging skin in the jowls, cheeks, and neck. With the removal of excess skin and tightening of underlying facial muscles with a facelift (rhytidectomy), many patients experience better facial symmetry.

Brow Lift

A brow lift (forehead lift) can be used to achieve similar goals when addressing facial sagging in the upper part of the face brought about by frown lines, forehead lines, drooping eyebrows, etc.


Some patients seeking upper facial rejuvenation and symmetry are better suited for a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). This treatment addresses laxity and asymmetry in the upper and lower eyelids and can help bring balance to your overall facial contour.


An otoplasty (ear pinning surgery) creates facial harmony by reshaping the ears and repositioning them closer to the head for more balanced proportions.


Commonly known as a nose job, a rhinoplasty improves nasal function and facial aesthetics. By reshaping a nose that’s either too small, large, crooked, or with a large dorsal hump, you can achieve a more pleasing look that is harmonious with other facial features.

Curious About Your Potential Results? Check Out Our Photo Gallery

If you are unsure how facial enhancement can help you, review our face before and after gallery to see how facial plastic surgeries have helped our happy patients.

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