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Brow Lift Surgery in Miami, FL

The eyebrows can show visible signs of aging even when the rest of your face doesn’t. The ideal brow position is at or just above the orbital rim, but as we age, the brows can sit significantly below this. Heavy brows that have begun to fall can contribute to a chronically fatigued or angry expression. Lifting the brows can help your eyes look brighter, more awake, and more youthful. A brow lift with Dr. Hochstein in Miami can:

Repair wrinkles Improve brow wrinkles Lift falling eyebrows

Combine With a Facelift

Many patients who see aging around the eyes and brows will also notice that they have lower facial aging at the cheeks and the jawline. To achieve better facial rejuvenation results, you can choose to combine a facelift with your brow lift. A facelift will address sagging jowls and creases of the nasolabial folds. Combining procedures ensures a more firm facial look along with results that last longer.

Combine With Non-Surgical Treatments

A brow lift cannot treat crow’s feet and poor skin texture around the eyes and forehead. Non-surgical treatments like Dysport®, XEOMIN®, or Jeuveau® injectables chemical peels, or laser treatments can treat wrinkles that aren’t corrected through surgery. Routine, non-surgical treatments help maintain the quality of your results, so that you can look younger for longer.

Brow Lift FAQ

  • Q: How is proper brow positioning determined?

    A: Dr. Hochstein will evaluate your facial features during your consultation and determine the most natural positioning for your brows. For men, this is typically on the orbital bone and just above the bone for women.

  • Q: How long will my results last?

    A: A brow lift is designed to provide long-lasting support to the brows, and most patients are happy with their results for years. However, a brow lift cannot stop the aging process, and you may consider routine, non-surgical treatments to maintain the quality of your appearance.

  • Q: How should I prepare for my brow lift surgery?

    A: You should quit smoking and stop taking medication that thins the blood (e.g., aspirin) for two to three weeks before your surgery to improve circulation, promote better healing, and reduce bleeding issues. You should also drink a lot of water to hydrate your body in the days leading up to surgery and get plenty of sleep the night before your surgery. Plan to have a friend or family member help you for the first few days following your procedure. Private duty nursing is also an excellent option.

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