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What Are the Health Benefits of an Arm Lift?

Posted October 29, 2020 in Arm Lift Surgery

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Many people find as they age that their upper arms begin to change. Fat deposits form, skin grows lax, and, eventually, arms can become fat and flabby. 

Active woman showing off her tight upper arms from the back.

For some people, these changes are merely cosmetic. For others, they can reduce a patient’s quality of life. 

An arm lift procedure can remove excess skin and unwanted fat deposits, resulting in firmer, younger-looking arms.

How Does an Arm Lift Reduce Chafing?

When patients struggle with sagging skin, it can lead to chafing on the arms and flanks. The sagging skin can rub against itself, producing sores, rashes, and other unwanted side effects. 

By removing excess skin, an arm lift can reduce the effects of chafing and prevent skin irritation. The results of an arm lift start to become apparent within days as post-surgical swelling subsides; however, it can take up to six months for all of the swelling to resolve and for your final results to develop. Scarring takes up to a year to heal and fade. 

An arm lift may also reduce excessive sweating and excess loose skin along the upper arms. This procedure can dramatically improve a patient’s quality of life, as they cease to suffer constant skin irritation or pain with their upper arms. 

How Does an Arm Lift Reduce the Risk of Infection?

Chafing can cause numerous skin problems, such as rashes, bumps, and open sores in areas where loose skin moves frequently. If they are caused by skin friction, many of these conditions will not have a chance to heal and instead worsen. 

Rashes can be caused by excess sweating and friction. Open sores can develop due to excess skin rubbing against itself. Over time, these skin conditions can lead to infections. Depending on the extent of the condition, these can range from minor infections up to life-threatening ones. 

An arm lift can treat the conditions that lead to infections in the upper arms and prevent them from developing in the first place. If you experience frequent rashes, skin discoloration, open wounds, or other skin conditions on your upper arms, an arm lift surgery can help

How Does an Arm Lift Make Your Active Lifestyle Easier?

Exercise can become frustrating or even painful for people dealing with excess weight or drooping skin on their upper arms. Running or hitting the gym is no fun if it spawns painful rashes or bleeding sores. Excess weight can make basic arm exercises uncomfortable or even painful. 

An arm lift surgery can remove those factors and allow patients to resume an active and healthy lifestyle. 

If the condition of your upper arms is preventing you from living the life you want, schedule a consultation with Dr. Hochstein to see if an arm lift surgery is right for you. 

Want to Know More About Arm Lift Health Benefits?

If you have questions about arm lift surgery’s health benefits, we are happy to answer them. You can contact Dr. Hochstein’s office at (305) 931-3338 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. We will be happy to assist you.

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