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Posted October 14, 2004 in Media, News

Vanity Beach Magazine Spotlight

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Dr. Leonard Hochstein makes his Television debut on the E-Channel.
By Lisa Brandt

Coming October 14th, Dr. Hochstein will be featured on Entertainment Television known as the E-Channel in a documentary about plastic surgery.  Dr. Hochstein performed a revisional breast augmentation on a young woman with aesthetic and asymmetrical deformities.  The cameras were in the operating room as Dr. Hochstein removed the old, mal-positioned implants and with artistic precision he replaced the implants under the muscle leaving the patient with a more natural, even and smooth appearance. The patient was pleased as Dr. Hochstein was, with the dramatic difference.

Today, more and more Doctors are being called on for help for assistance with corrections that shouldn’t have gone wrong in the first place.  Why do so many surgeons perform surgeries as if they are doing the same patient over and over?

Why don’t they go to the right Doctor in the first place?

I asked a very well known surgeon from University of Texas Medical Center why this happens?  The surgeon told Vanity Beach journalist Patricia Dimon that “Many Doctors unfortunately make the mistake of getting complacent.  Instead of treating each patient as an individual with individual physical needs, they perform the same surgery over and over as if it were the same patient.  Many times this works to their advantage, other times it results in a trip to another surgeon for a correctional procedure.”

This led me to wonder, “Why don’t they go to the right Doctor in the first place?” After talking with Dr. Hochstein about correctional procedures I learned that women and men from all over the country come to him for help with mistakes that occurred during and/or after a procedure.  The first mistake people make is not doing their research.   “Sure he did a great job on your cousin and your neighbor but they both have the exact same nose!” Just because a physician does a great job on one person doesn’t mean you will reap the same benefits, unless he is a skilled, qualified surgeon.  Unfortunately, many are not. Do your research! Look at their credentials; where did they train? What special certifications do they possess? We did some investigations ourselves and found that many surgeons are not board certified but only Ear, Nose and Throat doctors that decided the plastic surgery field presented to be more lucrative. Just because they have M.D. behind their names doesn’t mean that they are a qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeon.  It is not as simple as changing your major in college.  There is a lot more to it than that! I asked Dr. Leonard Hochstein for his credentials, and he handed them over without hesitation.  After reading his medical profile, we now know why he is one of the most admired physicians in his field.  He is the first surgeon to be featured on the E channel that is not a California based surgeon.  His name is well known from the west coast to the east coast as well as a popular standing in Texas with clients as well as his peers.

While attending his undergraduate at LSU he was member of the honor society, and was valedictorian of his science/medicine accelerated program.  He also made the Deans list in 1986.  Dr. Hochstein continued with the M.D. program at LSU Medical Center and was awarded the Academic Award for Plastic Surgery. After receiving his M.D. in 1990 he served his internship at the University of Texas Medical Center at Southwestern in Dallas.

Dr. Hochstein did his residency at the renowned Parkland Hospital, one of the top trauma centers in the United States.  Parkland is world known for their burn unit and trauma center.  (President John F. Kennedy was taken there after he was shot.) The doctors that are privileged to do their residency at Parkland are considered to be the top physicians in the country.

He attended the University of Miami during his Plastic Surgery Fellowship where he received the academic award for plastic surgery as well as many other awards and honors.  He also received his board certification while at U.M. Dr. Hochstein is especially proud of his advanced plastic surgery fellowship training with Dr. D. Ralph Millard who is considered to be one of the top plastic surgeons in the country.

I was so impressed with his credentials; I thought I would get more personal with the Doctor, so I did.  I asked Dr. Hochstein what his hobbies were.  He said that he is a competitive snow skier and he is a black belt in Karate.  Dr. Hochstein is fluent in three languages, English, Spanish and Russian.  I’m certainly impressed and relieved to know that in South Florida we have such gifted, talented and more than qualified surgeons at our disposal.  Dr. Leonard Hochstein will be getting married to his Fiancé Heidi Mark in April. We wish you both the best of luck!