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Style 410 Gummy Bear Implants; The next generation of Silicone Implants

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The new Gummy Bear Implants are Coming Soon! These are the implants that have been widely used in Europe and South America. Although I feel this implant will not be right for everybody, I believe it will be very useful in certain groups of women in particular those patients who lack breast tissue or muscle and those at high risk for capsular contraction. Having more viable options to choose from will allow me to better care for and cater to certain groups of patients who can benefit from these shaped firmer implants.

At the moment they have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in the United States. Whether these implants will become the most popular implants in my practice down the road is unknown. Like all implants the style 410 has its pros and cons. I strongly believe it will help women that are in need of reconstruction and hopefully improve the capsule rate dramatically.

Dr. Leonard M. Hochstein, MD