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Posted March 01, 2019 in Plastic Surgery Trends

Social Media Resulting in an Increase in Plastic Surgery

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Social media is an ever-present force in our modern lives that has many implications for our society. One area where the power of social media is more evident than ever is in the field of cosmetic surgery. The number of patients requesting an operation due to social media is rising every year. From Instagram models who set high expectations to the use of filters to enhance images, there are many factors involved in social media’s influence over the way that people perceive themselves.

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Social Media Is About Comparison

It is common for many users of platforms such as Facebook or Instagram to say that they use social media to connect with the people in their lives, foster new relationships, and communicate with ease. These elements of social media are useful, and they can be excellent tools. However, social media is also a game of sorts. The objective of the game is to show all of your friends and family how well you are doing. The competitive side of social media reveals a slightly darker perspective on why we use social media apps. Almost everyone is comparing themselves to others, and everyone is curating an image. The competitive nature of social media causes everyone to feel more self-conscious and unsatisfied with their lives in general. It is easy to begin wondering what you could improve when you see a constant parade of the most beautiful people living the ideal life. The constant comparison with others can make people feel ugly. The natural conclusion for many people is to get plastic surgery.

Social Media Is Not Realistic

When you scroll through your feed, you know that the images you see are not truly representative of the real lives of most people. Everyone is applying filters to their photos and editing their pictures with Photoshop, creating an illusion of perfection. These images leave out the daily struggles that most people deal with like traffic, interpersonal conflicts, or financial woes. In the world of social media everyone is fit, happy, on a permanent vacation, and in love. Even though most rational people know that social media is not an accurate portrayal of life they still begin to feel inadequate when faced with a constant barrage of seemingly better, happier moments.

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Plastic Surgery

There is nothing inherently wrong with getting plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is a useful way to make improvements that can support a healthy self-esteem. Many patients have experienced a renewed sense of confidence and purpose after fixing something that has bothered them for a long time. Still, it is important that we make major decisions such as getting a cosmetic procedure for the right reasons. Those reasons include celebrating our bodies, enhancing our appearance for ourselves, and improving our self-image. Getting plastic surgery because of the influence of social media is not a very good reason to go under the knife. By making sure that we get plastic surgery for the right reasons, we ensure that we are making decisions in the best interest of ourselves, our families, and for the sake of our human dignity.

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