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Posted May 07, 2018 in Septoplasty

Sara’s Surgery: Septoplasty

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Saras Surgery SeptoplastyMany men and women struggling with a snoring problem may often find themselves having difficulties breathing. Most likely they are suffering from a deviated septum, which causes the cartilage separating their nasal passage to become crooked and blocks the flow of air through the nose.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Leonard Hochstein specializes in septoplasty surgery, which can be combined with rhinoplasty or done separately, to improve your nasal passage and make you feel more confident about the appearance of your nose as he did for his patient Sara Willis.

Before the Surgery

“I just want to be able to breath good. As long as I can breathe 100 percent with 100 percent clarity through both nostrils, I’m gonna be really happy.”  

At the time, Sara was suffering from her septum bulging into one of her nostrils, which resulted in breathing and snoring complications. For the past six months, she would sleep on the couch to ensure she was not bothering her husband in the middle of the night. After a while, Sara felt it was time to address the issue and traveled to Miami, Florida to personally meet with Dr. Hochstein and his team.

“They went over everything with me about how the procedure is supposed to go. We did some before and afters on how it should look on my face. Everything looked fine, and I got an approval from Zak (husband) on how my nose is going to look. I was very happy with it.”

Sara shared how her consultation with Dr. Hochstein and his staff put her at ease days before her procedure would take place.  

“The people at their office are so nice. The surgeon is extremely professional and his office staff, they’re the best. They were very very professional. They’re great caregivers, so I just let them do what they do every day.”

Patient Testimonial

“With this surgery, I was really bracing myself for a lot of pain. I knew people who had had their septums repaired and all of them were saying it’s really worth it, but very painful. That’s what I was nervous about. But after I woke up from the surgery, I was expecting a lot of pain, and it didn’t come. I had no pain from beginning to end. Obviously, I was very sensitive, but my nose is a lot straighter and I can breathe really good out of it. All in all, this has been a really interesting experience. I would definitely recommend Dr. Hochstein to anyone who is looking at any type of cosmetic surgery or rhinoplasty repair. This has been a great experience for me and I would recommend this to anybody who is having problems with their breathing.”