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The New Natrelle INSPIRA® Breast Implant

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Our practice is excited to offer the newest implant manufactured by Allergan: the Natrelle INSPIRA®. This collection provides even more options for Dr. Hochstein’s patients, as it features a wide range of silicone gel-filled breast implants with varying projections and consistencies. These implants are most popular among those who desire a more dramatic look while maintaining a natural feel.

With Natrelle INSPIRA®, patients can choose Responsive gel or Soft Touch™ silicone gel. Responsive gel is the softest cohesive gel, which offers a very natural look and feel. The Soft Touch™ gel is slightly firmer, providing shape control while allowing natural movement. Implant shell options include textured or smooth, with a reduced rate of capsular contracture associated with the textured implant. There are four projection options that create volume in the upper pole of the breast, which often creates added cleavage and a voluptuous, round shape. Since no two women have the exact same frame, breast shape and size, and desires for breast augmentation, these added options will only increase the rate of patient satisfaction.

The Natrelle INSPIRA® implants use the same silicone material used in past Allergan implants, but the main difference is that they are filled more efficiently to reduce the risk of implant rippling. The 360° Intrashiel™ barrier layer built into the implant minimizes silicone gel diffusion, which makes these implants last.

Whether you are seeking breast augmentation for the first time or to revise a previous breast surgery, these implants are an excellent choice. They work especially well for women who have little to no breast tissue or for women who have existing volume mainly in the lower pole. All patients can experience increased fullness and softness with lower risks and longer-lasting results with these FDA-cleared devices. During your consultation, Dr. Hochstein will review your anatomy, concerns and questions about the procedure, and aesthetic desires to determine if a Natrelle INSPIRA® implant is right for you.

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