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Posted July 04, 2008 in Health

Miami Stem Cell Harvesting Is Now Available For Everyone!

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Here at Dr. Leonard Hochstein’s office we are now offering the latest in Stem Cell harvestingto ensure a safer tomorrow for you and your family. Parents are already making the decision to save their newborn stem cell for the future. Now this technology is available for everyone.

In recent news, Barbara Walters did a show on anti aging:

Barbara Walters’ ABC Network Television Special Highlights Role that Advanced Cell Technology’s Embryonic Stem Cells Play in Preventing Aging. Live to be a 150, can you do it? Secrets to living longer

If you are already planning a surgery with us or just thinking ahead please call our office to make an appointment. We are located in Miami, Florida.

For additional information regarding Stem Cell Harvesting, please visit our Video Gallery Page Pricing and an additional article from CytoResource are listed below.


Private Adipose (Fat) Tissue Stem Cells Registration and Storage Program Cost
Enrollment Fee (one time per patient, non-refundable, includes initial consultation with a regenerative medicine specialist) $600
Processing and Banking Fee (includes extracting stem cells from the fat tissue, preparing them for storage, and actual depositing the cells in the cryogenic environment) $3,350
Special Temperature-controlled Shipping (a $150 value) Included
First Year Storage Fee ( a $285 value) Included
CytoResource Special Stem Cell Certificate with the Patient’s Name, Unique Storage Code, and Stem Cell Laboratory Report Included
Total Initial Fee $3,950
Annual Storage Fee $285
One Time Storage Payment Options and Discounts Cost
5 Year Option, discounted to $250 per year $1,250
10 Year option, discounted to $220 per year $2,200
20 Year Option, discounted to $200 per year $4,000

Welcome to CytoResource, a unique provider of adult and newborn stem cell harvesting, cryopreservation (cell banking), multiplication, chromosomal analysis, and other related services. Our team of highly respected scientists and physicians are ready to serve you with the latest in the rapidly developing field of regenerative medicine.

CytoResource’s individualized approach is the foundation of our success. Our physicians and scientists provide each patient with an in-depth consultation emphasizing his or her specific needs in regard to stem cell extraction, storage, multiplication and retrieval for possible use in stem cell-related therapies. During the consultation, different options are discussed and the best harvesting method is tailored to each patient’s individual needs. For adults seeking to protect their future wellness, stem cells can be harvested from fat tissue, either obtained during a routine liposuction or during a specialized procedure, or from menstrual blood. Peripheral blood (taken from the vein) is an alternative option. For those seeking to safeguard their child’s health, stem cells can be harvested from the blood of the newborn’s umbilical cord.

Through CytoResource, our patients have access to Reproductive Genetics Institute, a state-of-the-art facility specializing in infertility, Cytogenetics and stem cell research. Located in Chicago with affiliates across the globe, the Institute is staffed by some of the medical world’s most highly renowned scientists and physicians. The center’s pioneering techniques in cell biology have led the way to its maintaining the largest stem cell repository in existence. RGI is in a unique position to extract, differentiate, multiply and store stem cells from adult donors. These stem cells can in turn be used to treat a number of disorders. There are currently over 700 clinical trials establishing stem cell treatment protocols for cancer, diabetes, heart failure, arthritis, spinal cord injuries, blood and bone marrow cancers, and many other diseases. CytoResource’s scientists and physicians, in cooperation with the Institute, are able to provide a full range of stem cell services, from collection to extraction and banking as well as multiplication and differentiation. In addition, a variety of genetic tests can be performed on any submitted specimen, with results interpreted by scientists and genetic counselors, under our strict patient’s confidentiality policy. These protocols are governed by strict quality assurance practices which are adhered to from collection to preservation. Banked specimens are protected and identified in accordance with government-mandated rules and regulations for cell and tissue banks.

We are proud to offer these unique services to patients and physicians alike. We believe regenerative technologies and stem cell-related therapies create an opportunity to conquer disease and slow down the aging process.

Your future begins today!

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DESCRIPTION: Regenerative technologies for a healthier tommorrow.

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