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Posted November 10, 2021 in Lisa Hochstein, Real Housewives of Miami

Lisa Hochstein’s Ocean Drive Profile Is Live!

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In preparation for the return of Season 4 of Real Housewives of Miami, Ocean Drive Magazine has released a new in-depth profile of our very own Lisa Hochstein. It covers some of her accomplishments and changes since audiences last saw her on-screen. 

A New Family Dynamic

Since the last season, Lisa and Lenny Hochstein have had two children, Logan and Elle (now ages 6 and 2, respectively). This drastically changed their family dynamic. Now, their bustling social life competes for time with their children, who are their priority. Still, they continue to take time for themselves, with a weekly date night complete with all the glamour Miami can offer.

They have also built and moved into a new island house on Star Island, near Miami Beach. This waterfront home gives them easy access to all areas of the city by car or boat. 

Continuing Business Success

Lisa continues to run the Hochstein Medspa above her husband’s plastic surgery practice. She caters to the people of Miami seeking beauty through non-surgical cosmetic treatments. 

In this Ocean Drive article, Lisa shares some of her secrets for running a successful business alongside her husband. 

Insights into the New Season

Lisa revealed new insights into the upcoming season of Real Housewives of Miami, including new dynamics among the cast. The relationships between the real housewives of Miami have shifted in the last eight years, and fans will get to see the results on-screen. 

Lisa also disclosed that the show will touch on her own marriage dynamics and hinted at drama to be revealed. 

Real Housewives of Miami premieres in December, so get ready to return to the glamorous lives of Miami’s finest. 

Magazine spread showing an article written about Miami "Real Housewife" Lisa Hochstein.