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Posted January 25, 2012 in Home, Liposuction

Get Beyonce’s Killer Thighs

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You’ve squatted. You’ve lunged. You’ve dieted. You’ve run for miles. Yet still, you’re unhappy with the uneven tone and excess curves of your thighs that look nothing like the sleek, supple legs of the bodacious singer-actress Beyonce. While she might have good genes and youth going for her, it’s certainly possible for you to achieve more toned, smooth, cellulite-free lower limbs. Here are two solutions to consider:

Skin toners: For an injection-free treatment, consider skin-toning machines that utilize laser, heat and radiofrequency energy to massage away dimpled skin.

Traditional liposuction: This is a great option for the outer thighs, especially if you’ve kept up with your exercise routine. Your skin is more elastic in this area, which responds best to liposuction. During the procedure, your plastic surgeon will make a small incision in the groin or hip, and then insert a tool called a cannula. The cannula is used in a back-and-forth motion, suctioning out unwanted fat. The outer thigh traditionally responds best to liposuction, but a skilled plastic surgeon can effectively deliver smooth, fat-free inner thighs as well.