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Posted May 28, 2003 in Media, News

E! Entertainment: Leonard Hochstein M.D. Honored on E!’s High Price of Fame: Under The Knife

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Aventura, FL-May 28, 2003 Leonard Hochstein one of the first Plastic Surgeon’s to be featured outside of the L. A. area for his celebrity cliental received recognition on E! Entertainment Television series, on the High Price of Fame: Under the Knife that debuted April 8th at 10 p.m. Leonard Hochstein appeared on the series when E! decided to follow Playboy model turned actress, Heidi Mark for her third breast surgery.

The High Price of Fame is a documentary exploring the side of celebrity life not commonly known by the public. This segment of Under the Knife discovered what celebrities do to compete with age and imperfections in a beauty based market. Celebrity doctors were interviewed about cosmetic procedures and age inhibitors. Cosmetic procedures like these run rampant in cities full of the rich and famous such as Los Angeles and Miami.

Miami Plastic Surgeon Leonard Hochstein, a leading South Florida Plastic Surgeon was highlighted in this documentary to take us through the process of Breast Augmentation undertaken by actress Heidi Mark. Dr. Hochstein himself performed her third and most recent procedure. “Breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures in this area. Heidi has had some experience with this surgery before too, so the operation should be easy for both of us,” Dr. Hochstein told E! He also informed us that “Many people look down on cosmetic surgery, but few people realize how much it can help a person’s state of mind. When people are more confident about themselves they are more confident in life, and cosmetic and reconstructive surgery helps this happen.”

Both E! Entertainment TV and the doctors interviewed in Under the Knife wanted to emphasize that you should do a lot of research before getting any operations done. You should especially check out the credentials of your doctor. “Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is not something you want to bargain shop for,” assured Dr. Hochstein. “Make sure that your physician is a board certified plastic surgeon.” There is a web site that you can visit Board Certified Plastic Surgeons Referral Association at to make an informed choice on a plastic surgeon.

Remember Plastic Surgery is not just for those who want to make aesthetic changes. Dr. Hochstein performs reconstructive surgical procedures for people who have suffered accidents such as burns, or vehicle accidents that have caused any damage to your normal appearance. He also performs reconstructive surgery on those who have been born with birth defects such as a cleft lip. “We are here to change not only other people’s perception of you, but most importantly, the perception you have of yourself. We want you to be confident about the way you look and feel. Your outward appearance should be a reflection of how feel inside and Cosmetic Surgery affords you the option of making the two coincide.” No individual would be able to resist a consultation with his client-oriented agenda in mind.

Dr. Leonard M. Hochstein is a board certified aesthetic and plastic surgeon that has practiced in Aventura, Florida for the eight years. For further information on one of the nation’s most recognized plastic surgeons, please visit Dr. Hochstein’s web site at