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Posted September 28, 2020 in Patient Safety, Plastic Surgery Recovery

Why Is Now a Good Time for Plastic Surgery?

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Regardless of the type of plastic surgery procedure you wish to have, the process should be stress-free. It would be best to have fewer things to think about after the procedure and, at the same time, avoid strenuous activities.

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To achieve this, it would help if you chose a time in your life when activities have toned down. Depending on the type of plastic surgery procedure you undertake, you might need a few days, weeks, or months to recover fully with wounds, swellings, or stitches to nurse. 

Carefully planning the right time to have the procedure reduces stress during the healing process.

Why Is It Important to Choose the Right Time to Have Surgery?

Besides taking the recommended prescriptions, a board-certified plastic surgeon will recommend a period of resting to speed up the recovery process. Stress can cause the wounds to be septic; therefore, it is important to ensure you choose a time when there is less happening in your life. 

Also note that when the plastic surgery wounds heal well, the desired effects last longer.

Why Should I Consider Plastic Surgery Now?

The COVID-19 pandemic has come with its share of problems, but all is not gloom. People have been forced to stay indoors, which means slowing down and dealing with less strenuous issues. 

Right now, many can often work from the comfort of their homes, and with the advent of Zoom meetings and distance learning, many do not have to deal with the everyday rush of trying to beat traffic or getting kids to school on time. 

It’s a more relaxed atmosphere, making it an ideal time to have that plastic surgery procedure you have been shelving.

Besides that, it’s an ideal time because you do not have to worry about getting back to work before the swellings or scars heal. You do not have to think of how to hide the puffiness when you are in public or make efforts to look okay. This is especially important if you undergo a facial enhancement surgery.

Another issue you will not have to worry about is missing days from work. Because you will be working from home, you can still attend to your work obligations and, at the same time, nurse yourself back to health.

Interested in Learning More?

Now is the best time to undergo the surgical procedure you desire. To learn more about how you can improve your appearance, schedule a consultation with Dr. Hochstein. 

You are assured of satisfactory results and a reliable professional to help you make the right decisions. Dr. Hochstein has performed over 27,000 plastic surgery procedures and is dedicated to helping you look your best. Contact us at (305) 931-3338 or fill our online form to get started.