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Posted June 22, 2022 in Hair Restoration

What’s the Latest in Effective Hair Restoration Treatments?

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PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is consistently breaking new ground in the medical field for its regenerative qualities, and now, this advanced technology is available for hair regrowth!

PRP being injected into man's balding scalp.

If your hairline is receding or your hair is thinning, this might just be the long-lasting treatment you’re looking for.

What Is PRP?

Platelets are the components in the blood that enable clotting. When an injury occurs to the body, platelets promote healing, and this ability comes from growth factors found in platelets which help control inflammation and generate new tissue.

Plasma is the clear, yellowish liquid that remains after all the red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets are removed. Plasma contains proteins, antibodies, enzymes, salts, and water. Essentially, plasma is the part of the blood that contains healing nutrients.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) retains the platelets in the plasma, making a platelet-rich concentration solution that contains five times as many growth factors as whole blood.

How Does PRP Work in Hair Restoration?

There are three basic steps to this procedure:

  1. The first step is drawing a sample of your blood.
  2. Then it is spun in a centrifuge to separate the platelets and create the PRP.
  3. The extracted PRP solution is injected into balding or thinning areas of your scalp.

Is Hair Restoration With PRP Painful?

PRP hair loss therapy involves needles and slight pinpricks. Some patients report mild discomfort, and others feel no pain whatsoever. 

Most patients return to work the next day.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The procedure is repeated monthly for the first three months, then every three to six months (depending on your needs). You should start to see hair regrowth at that time.

Effective for Men and Women With Long-Lasting Improvement

Both men and women can benefit from PRP hair growth treatments, and results can last up to two years. After the initial treatment period, you may want to go in annually for injections.

woman having PRP injected into her scalp.

While not considered a permanent solution, PRP therapy can help you grow hair and keep it as long as you maintain your results with injections every one to two years.

A Simple Procedure With No Adverse Side Effects

Because PRP is made from your own blood, there is little chance of infection and no chance of rejection. The entire procedure can be completed in as little as thirty minutes.

You won’t have to live with hair plugs, and you will be growing your own natural hair!

Advanced Hair Restoration in Miami, FL

Dr. Leonard Hochstein is a well-known board-certified plastic surgeon in Miami and provides this innovative and highly effective hair loss treatment. 

He also offers Nutrafol, a nutraceutical clinically shown to improve hair growth, and this treatment can be used with PRP hair restoration for even better results!

Interested in Learning More?

If you have questions about PRP hair restoration in Miami or want to know the cost of this treatment, please call our office at 786-802-6699 or scroll up to schedule a consultation. You can also visit our MedSpa website here.   

Click here for more information on cosmetic surgeries with renowned celebrity surgeon Dr. Leonard Hochstein.