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Posted September 14, 2020 in Thigh Gap, Thigh Lift

What Are the Health Benefits of a Thigh Lift?

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While most people get a thigh lift for cosmetic purposes, there are functional, health-related reasons that can improve one’s quality of life. 

A woman with excess skin on her thighs who may desire a thigh lift.

A thigh lift can reduce chafing, open sores, excessive sweating, and fungal infections. The procedure can also make it easier and safer to exercise and perform daily activities. If you struggle with any of the conditions above due to excess skin or fat on your thighs, you may want to consider a thigh lift surgery to treat your concerns.

What Can Thigh Lift Surgery Improve?


One of the most common thigh issues plaguing patients is chafing caused by excess skin and thigh fat. Loose folds of skin can rub against each other, causing friction. This sensation can cause discomfort and lead to more serious medical conditions. Some patients may also find that excess fat causes the thigh’s skin to rub against the skin of the other thigh. This can make necessary activities, such as walking, uncomfortable or even painful. 

Chafing leads to rashes, bumps, and open sores. A thigh lift helps to eliminate these concerns by addressing the root cause.

Open Sores

Open sores usually happen as a result of the chafing of the inner thighs. They occur when the chafing has gotten bad enough that the skin is worn away, creating wounds. These sores can be painful, and if chafing continues, they may heal slower than desired. 

While some preventative measures limit the ongoing damage of open sores, like bandaging them and using antibiotic creams, such treatments cannot prevent new sores from forming. A thigh lift can tighten or remove excess skin, which removes the conditions necessary for most open sores to form. This is important, as open sores have adverse health effects.

Sweating and Fungal Infections

Excess fat and skin can contribute to increased sweating around the thighs. Because thighs are usually covered, a hot, dark, and moist environment is more likely to develop. This environment presents the perfect conditions for many parasitic fungal infections to grow, and when coupled with open sores, fungal infections can even be lethal. A thigh lift can adjust the skin so that excess sweating is less of a concern.

Ease of Exercise

Many patients find that medical conditions, such as those mentioned above, negatively impact their quality of life. Dealing with skin irritation, open sores, and infections can make everyday activities difficult, painful, or downright impossible. It is difficult to exercise when walking irritates open sores on the thighs, and even patients with minor skin irritation may find that exercise is more of an irritant than it is worth. A thigh lift can alleviate these issues and allow patients to resume a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Interested in Learning More?

If you are dealing with skin irritation or more serious conditions on or around your thighs, you should contact Dr. Hochstein at (305) 931-3338 or fill our online form to schedule a consultation. He will help you determine an optimal treatment plan and provide you with new contours to enable a healthy and active lifestyle.