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Posted January 05, 2010 in Home

Hello!  Dr. Leonard M. Hochstein in Miami, Fl.

Uncovering honest information about cosmetic or reconstructive surgery can be a challenge, so it is my pleasure to provide you with the details you can’t always find online or in books. Dr. Hochstein may contribute his thoughts as well. With 5 years of experience working in the plastic surgery field, I learned a lot and as the years go by I start to realize that plastic surgery is just an equalizer in a unfair world where woman are expected to look young and beautiful forever. Dr. Hochstein has been highlighted in the media through publications like The New York Times and The Miami Herald. Dr. Hochstein has also appeared on E! Entertainment Television’s “High Price of Fame: Under the Knife” in 2003, and was regularly featured on Bravo’s docudrama “Miami Slice” in 2004.
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