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Posted October 09, 2012 in Home

VOTE YES TO #240 ON NOVEMBER 6th, 2012!

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Pets’ Trust Miami created a model to solve animal overpopulation and abandonment in any community.  We’re starting in Miami because this is where the founding members live and this is “ground zero.”  Miami has severe overpopulation, a climate conducive to breeding, and a very high poverty rate.  If we can do it here, we can do it anywhere.
Overpopulation and the killing of adoptable pets is an epidemic.  Its prevalent in every culture, at every economic level and like all epidemics can be fought with prevention.
Over 5 million pets are put to death each year due to overpopulation in the US.  Miami kills 20,000 pets annually and this number dates back more than 20 years.  Overpopulation and shelter death are community issues, a public health issue and not something that should be handed down to the next generation.
Pets’ Trust is working to create a dedicated source of funding to solve this problem.  Through a mix of preventive and educational programs we can change the way communities manage animal welfare.  We will implement high-volume, low-cost and targeted spay/neuter, low-cost veterinary care, pet retention and educational programs.  Miami needs to perform 100,000 sterilizations per year, make available low-cost veterinary care options, provide alternatives to people who would otherwise surrender their pets and educate children and adults on responsible pet ownership, spay/neuter, and adoption.
This model can be adapted to any community.  It is the perfect mix to keep animals in homes, out of shelters, and prevent unwanted animals from being born.  We will prove that this works at home and then make it accessible throughout the US.  Any community can adapt our programs and work with their respective legislators to make community change.  Pets’ Trust Miami has written legislation for other communities to use.