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Top 4 Habits That Are Harming Your Skin

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Laser Treatment Before and After PhotosThe makeup industry is built on women who want beautifully smooth and flawless skin, but did you know that the best complexion starts with good habits? When you treat your body right, your skin responds with a youthful, healthy glow. Maintaining a thorough daily skin care routine can help keep your skin looking vibrant. However, if you have noticed your skin dulling over time or wrinkles prematurely developing, you might be suffering from one of these harmful habits.

1. You Don’t Drink Enough Water

Water is essential for healthy-looking skin. Our tissues, including the skin, are comprised mostly of water, and it shows when we are dehydrated. Water is necessary to keep the skin moisturized, deliver essential nutrients, and promote skin elasticity (which prevents sagging and wrinkles). Drinking more water can help you retain soft, supple skin.  

2. You Don’t Moisturize

If you are drinking enough water, you may not see the benefits because you don’t moisturize daily. Moisturizing with lotion helps you lock moisture in the skin. Additionally, people with oily skin often find that moisturizing helps because the skin overproduces oil to compensate for when it is dry. Too much oil can cause acne and a shiny appearance.

3. You Forget Daily Sunscreen

Protecting your skin from UV rays is the most important thing you can do to prevent wrinkles. While many of us know to slather on the sunscreen while we are poolside or beachside, you may be forgetting to wear sunscreen daily. Even the small amounts of sun exposure we get when running errands and going to work add up and can have long-lasting effects on the quality of our skin. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, pick a moisturizer with a low SPF so you can protect your skin while keeping it hydrated.

4. You’re Sleeping on Your Face

You probably know that getting your seven to nine hours of quality sleep is important to prevent bags and a fatigued expression, but did you know the position you sleep in can also affect your face? Sleeping on your side and stomach can apply pressure on your face, causing the collagen to break down while you sleep, which leads to wrinkles over time. Additionally, when your face makes contact with the pillow, you transfer important oils and moisture that helps your face look beautiful. An extra bad habit is not changing your pillowcase frequently. Pillowcases quickly get soiled from transferred dirt and oils. Unwashed sheets can have loads of bacteria that cause acne. If you’re experiencing a breakout, try washing your bedding.  

If your skin is looking lifeless and dull from you poor habits, don’t fear. Dr. Hochstein offers a variety of skin care treatments to help restore your vibrant, flawless complexion. Injectable treatments can help improve wrinkles, while laser skin resurfacing and chemical peels can improve acne, wrinkles, and discoloration.  

Schedule your skin care consultation with Dr. Hochstein today to see which procedure is right for you. You can call our office at (305) 931-3338, or you can contact us online.