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Posted February 22, 2012 in Home

The Time to Detox is Now

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Where’s the salt? Oh, it’s hidden in your food. If you’re not careful, it could be overflowing out of every bite of salt water-injected leftover turkey—probably a fact many wouldn’t realize unless they were studying the fine print of the packaging with reading glasses.

It’s a fact. Americans eat too much sodium and are suffering from a high-blood pressure epidemic. The problem is that sodium is laced into pre-packaged and processed foods. That means if you over-indulged, at say Thanksgiving dinner with all that green bean casserole and stuffing, you likely reached your daily sodium allotment in one sitting.

Salt is a known skin aggravator, causing inflammation and swelling, so to get you back on tract after a salty dinner, try detoxing your body. That doesn’t mean starving, it means sipping a cup of mint tea after your meal. Herbal peppermint contains no caffeine, and its essential oils increase energy flow to the digestive organs, allowing them to rid your body of excess sodium and function better.

Mint tea has also been shown to help settle stomachs, ease heartburn, relieve nausea, and help perk up your complexion. The skin is an eliminative organ, so if your body isn’t properly digesting your food by expelling it through the colon (detoxing), many experts believe it can manifest in the pores as blemishes.

Try drinking three cups of mint tea each day to help flush out impurities. Look for all-natural tea, sans fragrance and flavoring, for the best results.