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Posted June 25, 2010 in Home

One thing you can do today that can make a differance!

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I am a volunteer for Underdog Rescue of Florida.  Our 501C3 charitable organization is focused on saving as many dogs as possible.  We rescue dogs that are scheduled for euthanasia in high kill shelters and are frequently called upon by many shelters in Florida to take dogs that otherwise, have no hope for adoption.  These dogs are often injured and/or fearful as the result of human abuse and neglect.  We have no facility, only foster homes.  We operate through donations and adoption fees.  Our adoption fees help cover our monthly veterinarian costs, which often far outweigh the adoption fee.

In January, we adopted a rescue dog to a wonderful woman Suzanne.  She visited my home several times prior to the adoption and has since come back to visit.  Suzanne asked if she could video me during the weekend and enter the video in a Mitchum deodorant commercial contest.  I laughed at the thought, but when she said there could be a monetary prize for the winner which could help Underdog, I quickly humbled myself and agreed to shooting a video.  Attached below are two short videos.  The video Abby is another contest Suzanne has entered and has featured the rescue dog she adopted from us in January.  The dog was deemed aggressive by the shelter, but we agreed to take her before euthanasia and assess her condition.  Abby is perfect and the video shows what love and patience can do.  The second video is me with some help from Kurt, Denita and Kimmie.  They came over to assist with shaving down some dogs that came in overly matted.  Our Underdog website is:

Please cast your vote for TWO videos — one of Abby, one of Sherri — BOTH FILMED BY ME!

You can vote ONCE A DAY!  (And I might even remind you ;))

YOUR VOTES are truly appreciated. ABBY: